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Critical Shopper

  1. knockoffs
    The Times Wonders at Zara’s ‘Blatant Knockoffs’“As expected, echoes from the spring 2012 runways are everywhere.”
  2. quotables
    The Times Doesn’t Think Most Americans ‘Do’ ResortBut if wearing Mickey Mouse is ears is wrong, who’d ever want to be right?
  3. quotables
    The Times’ Alexandra Jacobs Has Harsh Words for Jessica Simpson’s Wedge Booties“Franken-shoes.”
  4. hissssssss
    The Times’ Cintra Wilson Thinks Dior’s Renovated Store Is for ‘Adorning Mistresses and New Trophy Wives’The brand’s 57th Street flagship left Cintra Wilson a bit overwhelmed.
  5. loose threads
    Zac Posen Gets a New President; the Times Skewers the New Dash StoreAlso, Ports 1961 is launching menswear, and Naomi Campbell calls Victoria Beckham “a real sister.”
  6. quotables
    Cintra Wilson Has High Praise for the Staff at the New Brooklyn Barneys Co-opThey look like “a skateboard team composed of the cast of ‘Glee.’”
  7. just pants
    The Times Gets Spooked by West Village ‘Clichés’Boot-cut man-jeans mean that it’s time to go.