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  1. crying
    Ariana Grande Explains Why She’s Been Crying at Her ConcertsGrande said on social media that she “committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when I’m still processing a lot.”
  2. runway beauty
    Models at Gucci Cried Synthetic TearsThe brand’s new beauty look is very emotional.
  3. science of us
    Would Life Be Better If I Cried More?People feel more connected to people who are crying. I want in.
  4. crying
    Behold, Some Heartbroken Lads Weeping After England’s World Cup LossIt’s not coming home.
  5. The Woman Who Literally Couldn’t Stop CryingThe tears kept on coming even when she wasn’t sad.
  6. Want a Mood Boost? Make Yourself Cry to Sad MusicJust press play.
  7. Where Do Babies Cry the Most?A new study compared rates of crying across industrialized nations.
  8. love and war
    25 Famous Women on CryingFrom Tina Fey to Condoleezza Rice.
  9. male tears
    Justin Bieber Moved to Tears by the Power of His Own SongIs Justin Bieber okay? 
  10. Tears Are a Luxury ItemResearch suggests people in privileged societies are more prone to weepiness.
  11. trail of tears
    So, Where Exactly Should You Cry at the Office?A new series from PYPO explores work tears.
  12. advice
    How to Stop Crying From Your Eye CreamThere, there. 
  13. travel guides
    Book a Night in One of Tokyo’s ‘Crying Rooms’Let it all out!
  14. crying
    Why It Feels So Good to Cry in the ShowerTobias Fünke was on to something.
  15. so sad today
    Hear Jenny Slate Talk About What Makes Her Cry (Kind Dinosaurs)On Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre’s very good podcast, “Crybabies.”
  16. crying
    How to Stop Yourself From CryingA general rule to remember.
  17. crying
    Why Do Women Cry More Than Men?A few possible physiological explanations.
  18. weddings!
    7 Brides (and 1 Groom) on What Made Them Cry on Their Wedding DaysPass the tissues.
  19. So How’s Your Fault In Our Stars Cry-Hangover?An expert explains why the morning after a crying binge is the worst. 
  20. the crying game
    Hey, Joni Mitchell! Happy BirthdayYou’ve still got that thing that makes us all cry.
  21. a woman's work
    Lonely at the Top: Being a Lady Boss Without Mentors“I worried about how to establish myself as an authority without seeming like an asshole.”