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  1. wellness theories
    Seema Bansal Makes Rose Ice With Her CrystalsAnd carries her crystals in her purse.
  2. ?!?!?!
    Spencer Pratt Mercury Retrograde Nacho Crystals?A sweepstakes courtesy of Taco Bell and Uber Eats.
  3. recommendations
    My Weird New Hobby Is Growing CrystalsAll you need is salt, string, and time.
  4. let’s makeup
    Models in Paris Are Crying Crystal TearsA gem of a look.
  5. crystals
    Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing 400-Pound Crystal from Yoga StudioA yoga studio claims he stole the crystal; Rodman denies the allegations.
  6. i want to believe
    I Want to Believe This Bracelet Is Balancing My EnergyIt’s a tantalizing thought.
  7. damn
    Unfortunately, I Love Crystals NowA light change of heart after a trip to Spellbound Sky’s pop-up shop.
  8. science of us
    I Want to Believe My Rose Quartz Is Bringing Love Into My LifeIt’s a rock, yes, but is it magic?
  9. wellness
    Your Healing Crystals Could Be Coming From Some Ethically Questionable PlacesKind of like blood diamonds.
  10. finer things
    The Most Glamorous Way to Cinch Your WaistJazz up your jeans.
  11. science of us
    What Happened When I Attempted a Monthlong ‘Orgasm Cleanse’It involved crystals and a glass dildo.
  12. good vibes
    The Olsen Twins Gave Out Crystals at Fashion WeekTo “block negative energies.”
  13. new age
    Even Rich Businessmen Are Obsessed With Healing Crystals Now“If I’m on the phone with a client, I’ll hold the crystal — a citrine — to connect to its energy.”
  14. babies!
    Heidi Montag Gave Birth Surrounded by $27,000 Worth of CrystalsShe and Spencer Pratt welcomed baby boy Gunner Stone on Sunday.
  15. skin deep
    Why Miranda Kerr Tucks a Crystal Into Her Bra“I believe they have a little magic.”
  16. crystal news
    ‘Club Kid Killer’ Says He Was Carrying Healing Crystals, Not Crystal MethHate it when that happens.
  17. crystals
    Of Course Lena Dunham Considered This JobQuirky!
  18. 25 Famous People on CrystalsCelebrities from Spencer Pratt to Andy Warhol explain the power of sparkly rocks.
  19. the moon juice crystal
    No, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Don’t Put Those Crystals in Your SmoothieAmanda, stop!!!
  20. the moon juice crystal
    Amanda Chantal Bacon Just Crystal Bragging on Instagram NowYou can take away her rose-quartz crystal, but you can’t take away … all her other crystals.
  21. swellness
    Trying Out Enchanted Crystal, the Birchbox for CrystalsWould getting sparkly rocks in the mail change my life?
  22. swellness
    Sleeping With … Spencer PrattHow the reality star and crystal aficionado does bedtime.
  23. swellness
    Steal Her Crystal, But Amanda Chantal Bacon Will Only Get an Even Bigger CrystalThe Moon Juice founder will not be broken.
  24. swellness
    Meet the Woman Giving Healing Crystals to Hip-hop StarsRadio personality Devi Brown explains why crystals are so special, and why rappers are clutching them onstage.
  25. swellness
    How to Meditate When You Suck at MeditatingTry a sound bath, a new way to chill out without judgment.
  26. crystals
    Ageless Seer Jaden Smith Loves Movies About Living ForeverWhat does Jaden know that we don’t …
  27. the dedicated
    A Real-Life Goddess Gave Me a FacialIt involved crystals.
  28. look of the day
    Lady Gaga Wore a Nude Bodysuit on an AirplaneIdeal for napping.
  29. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Robin Thicke, Amethyst EnthusiastWorking on his chakras.
  30. goods
    16 New Sporty, Not Sweet, Embellished ItemsTinsel for tomboys. 
  31. zoom on this
    Zoom on This: Ralph, Proenza, and MarchesaIt’s all in the details.
  32. cosmo fact check
    ‘Vagina Crystals’ Not As Common As Cosmo SaysThank God.