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  1. action item
    How to Help Those Impacted by Hurricane IanAs of Friday, nearly 2 million people in Florida were still without power.
  2. !!!
    3 People Survived on a Deserted Island for 33 DaysThey reportedly subsisted on rats and conchs, plus coconuts for hydration.
  3. rio olympics
    Christian Louboutin Is Dressing Cuba’s Olympic TeamThe athletes helped design the looks.
  4. cut cover story
    Behind the Scenes at Chanel’s First Cuba ShowForty-seven models, 700 guests, 170 convertibles, and one massive dance party made for an electric, incongruous scene in downtown Havana.
  5. look of the day
    North West Has Joined Taylor Swift’s Choker CohortWhile in Havana.
  6. keeping up with the kardashians
    Khloe Wins the Kardashian Race to Offend People in CubaKhloe posed for a photo in front of a monument to Castro.
  7. cheat sheets
    Everything to Know About Chanel’s Cuba Resort 2017 Show Chanel’s resort 2017 collection in Havana.
  8. party chat
    What Gloria Estefan Thinks of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Show in Cuba“In Cuba B.C. — before Castro — the fashion would come out in Paris, and it would be in Cuba the same day.”
  9. Everything Michelle Obama Wore in Latin AmericaA sartorial recap of her trip to Cuba and Argentina.
  10. cuba libre
    Cool Teen Is Now a Presidential TranslatorMalia Obama, that is.
  11. Michelle Obama Wore Carolina Herrera on the Plane to CubaNo TSA, no problem.
  12. cruise control
    Chanel’s Latest Far-Flung Cruise Destination Is HavanaDoes Karl issue frequent-flyer miles?
  13. fragrant friday
    Cuba Smells Like Cigars and CupcakesAt least the Demeter fragrance does.
  14. vacation pics
    Beyoncé Looks Amazing in Cuba“Her style has evolved,” says her stylist.