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  1. pants!
    Retailers Are Calling Culottes Out for Exactly What They Are: AwkwardAnd they’re not the worst pants on the market.
  2. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: Culottes and StripesLast year’s pants-meets-skirt trend is still going strong.
  3. look of the day
    Gigi Hadid Paired Knee-High Boots With SweatpantsSpoiler alert: She pulled it off. 
  4. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: A Chic Sweater and CulottesDressy enough to serve as holiday inspiration.
  5. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: Coral Mules and Blush CulottesYet another way to wear the pants of the season.
  6. more than just pants
    Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Culottes Isn’t HardYou can wear them with everything from sandals to sneakers to heels.
  7. more than just pants
    So You Bought Some Culottes, Now How Do You Style Them?We’ve got answers.
  8. trends
    The Feminist Past — and Present — of CulottesThe so-called divided skirt is still dividing opinion.
  9. best bets
    These Culottes Will Be Your New Spring StapleAll you need is a tucked-in white shirt.
  10. look of the day
    Easter Mass: Just the Occasion for Your Nicest Crop TopAs demonstrated by Kendall Jenner.
  11. special investigations
    Culottes: Are They Right for You?A rigorous inquiry. 
  12. look of the day
    Rihanna Wore White Culottes to a Pasta DinnerAnd not a single tomato-sauce stain. 
  13. pants-o-pedia
    Great Moments in Pants: A Handy Trouser TimelineFrom A to Zubaz.
  14. this plus that
    How to Wear Culottes Without Looking VoluminousKnot that silk shirt instead of tucking it for a streamlined-yet-relaxed silhouette.