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  1. respected lady
    Kim Jong-un’s Wife Is Getting Her Own Cult of PersonalityShe was upgraded from “comrade” to “Respected Lady.”
  2. cult of personality
    Azzedine Alaïa Doesn’t Like Karl Lagerfeld’s Attitude, Thinks Anna Wintour Has Bad TasteA rare bit of brutal honesty in this business, for you.
  3. cult of personality
    Meet Andrew Richardson, Editor of an Anti-porn Nudie Magazine He Named for Himself [Updated]“‘Richardson’ isn’t about coming. Which is the point of porn,” he says.
  4. cult of personality
    How Michael Kors Went From Selling Tie-Dye Jeans to Heading a Fashion MegabrandThe designer also gives dressing tips, and hand-selects his favorite looks from the past three decades.
  5. cult of personality
    Reed Krakoff Offers Advice to Graduating Fashion Students, Shops for Homewares at the Flea MarketThis is the man who has a golden toilet in his home.
  6. cult of personality
    In Case You Ever Wanted to Know What Reed Krakoff’s Toilet Looks LikeAnd the “great bong closet with black lights” that he had at boarding school.
  7. cult of personality
    Chloë Sevigny Feels Irked When People Compliment Her StyleShe is an artiste before a fashion maven, you see.
  8. cult of personality
    Jean Paul Gaultier Thinks Carla Bruni Doesn’t Dress ‘the Way She Normally Likes to Dress’And more of his thoughts on divas.
  9. cult of personality
    Harper’s Bazaar’s Surprisingly Honest Portrayal of Amy WinehouseThe magazine says she can’t walk straight, can’t speak without slurring, or understand basic questions.
  10. cult of personality
    In Kanye’s World …He’s gearing up for Fashion Week on Twitter!
  11. cult of personality
    Blake Lively Tries to Convince the World She Prefers the Fashion Life of a Backpacker to That of a Famous ActressAlso, see her September cover!
  12. cult of personality
    Marc Jacobs Tells Calvin Klein How Colitis Led Him to Eschew Wearing ClothesThe first step was curing the colitis, naturally.
  13. cult of personality
    Courtney Love Is Personal-Style Blogging to Counteract All the Bad Pictures of Her on the InternetAlso, she burned Marc Jacobs’s grunge collection for Perry Ellis.
  14. cult of personality
    Ronson, Reporter Fail to Thrill Each OtherThis results in one of the most awkward designer profiles in some time.
  15. cult of personality
    Marc Jacobs Can’t Work Out!He needs shoulder surgery!
  16. cult of personality
    Alber Elbaz on Thin Models, Bloggers, and Celebrity Fashion Lines“You ask [women], what is your dream? It’s to be skinny. That’s all they want.”
  17. lensmen
    Terry Richardson Would Like Men Willing to Pose Nude to E-mail HimHe also discusses getting cruised at the gym and discovering the joys of sex in the new issue of ‘The Journal.’
  18. cult of personality
    So … What’s Up With Olivier Zahm and All the Naked Women on His Blog?Allow him to explain.
  19. cult of personality
    Donatella Versace Misses Models With Personalities Who Fought for Their BoobsLinda Evangelista and Kristen McMenamy used to fight backstage. And it was awesome.
  20. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone’s Assistant Makes an Assistant Out of the Bravo PublicistOne episode in, and he already has people running and fetching things for him.
  21. cult of personality
    Kell on Earth Preview: Things Break, Kelly Gets UpsetWatch clips from Kelly Cutrone’s new Bravo show, premiering tonight.
  22. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone on Not Wearing Makeup, Sex and the City, and Interns“The Bravo shot of me on the couch? It looks like I had sex with Heather Locklear and five margaritas.”
  23. cult of personality
    Tom Ford Tells Nicolas Ghesquière Designing Clothes ‘Is a Dictatorship’No wonder fashion designers feel so important.
  24. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Drumming Up Excitement for Her Bravo Show by Cursing on Fox NewsThe taped action on Bravo begins February 1.
  25. cult of personality
    Marc Jacobs Only Goes to the CFDA Awards Because Anna Wintour Makes HimHe prefers not to “be part of their reindeer games.”
  26. cult of personality
    Lara Stone Went to Rehab, Lets Friends Play With Her BreastsBut she’s not gay. She just hates men.
  27. cult of personality
    Alexander Wang Stands By His $395 Biker ShortsNot every consumer will understand the pricing, he says, but that doesn’t matter to him.
  28. cult of personality
    Teen Vogue Working on a Secret New TV ShowBut Amy Astley doesn’t want to be on it.
  29. cult of personality
    Paul Smith Tells It Like It Is“It would be wonderful if fashion shows died out completely. They’re so time-consuming and costly.”
  30. cult of personality
    Donatella Versace Doesn’t Want to Design Plus-Size ClothesTry not to act shocked.
  31. cult of personality
    Old Paintings of Drunk People: Vivienne Westwood’s $367 Million Secret?She likes how “you can see into the top of the pants.”
  32. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone: ‘I’m, Like, the Patron Saint of Interns’Find out how to land one of those coveted positions.
  33. cult of personality
    Just a Word: The One-Word Inspiration Behind the CollectionsWe asked designers to give us one word to describe their upcoming shows.
  34. cult of personality
    Alexander Wang Is Inspired by Saved by the BellAnd his stuff is selling at an almost alarming rate.
  35. cult of personality
    Miuccia Prada ‘Liked It’ When Models Fell Down at Her Spring ShowAlso, she cares what critics think of her work.
  36. cult of personality
    Blake Lively Can Pick Out Her Own Clothes“For example, I’ve never worn Cavalli but I saw this dress in a magazine and thought, I think I need to get in on this.”
  37. cult of personality
    Justin Timberlake Is Just As Much Designer As EntertainerWell, that’s how HE sees himself.
  38. cult of personality
    Who Wants to Be Scott Sternberg’s New Best Friend?We do!
  39. cult of personality
    Rei Kawakubo: ‘I Am Not a Feminist’You wouldn’t expect that from the designer of Comme des Garçons, which translates to “Like the Boys.”
  40. cult of personality
    Bee Shaffer Wants to Go to Acting SchoolWhy job hunt when she doesn’t have to?
  41. cult of personality
    Chloë Sevigny Wants to Do a Luxury Line“You know, the way that Sofia Coppola did with Louis Vuitton. I thought it was very cool. There were no labels on anything.”
  42. cult of personality
    Rachel Roy Likes Whole Foods, Strawberries With Heavy Cream, and ChampagneSo in sum, she eats like a fashion person.
  43. cult of personality
    Miuccia Prada Explains What Was Up With Those Wader BootsIt’s simple: they were fun and ironic. God love her.
  44. cult of personality
    Lessons in Sex Appeal From Carine RoitfeldDon’t: do drugs, smoke, or hit people. Do: take your clothes off.
  45. cult of personality
    Valentino Thought Everyone Looked Bad at the Met GalaHe did not find the short frocks flattering.
  46. cult of personality
    Dear Alexa Chung, May We Buy You a Drink?She’s opinionated, laid-back, foul-mouthed, and insecure sometimes. Just like us!
  47. cult of personality
    Ashley Olsen Eschews Celebrity and Goes Brunette for VManShe may be a celebrity and have a clothing line, but it’s not to be confused with a celebrity brand.
  48. cult of personality
    Carine Roitfeld Does Not Weigh the Editors in Her OfficeAlso, she never wears jeans or miniskirts.
  49. cult of personality
    Matthew Williamson Fears Not the MainstreamWhich makes us want to purchase his H&M line, launching tomorrow, that much more.
  50. cult of personality
    Robert Duffy Understands UsHe never saw any mystery behind making clothes that don’t cost six figures.
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