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  1. cult of personality
    Tim Gunn Used to Do ‘Project Runway’ for Free (Updated)That’s right — Harvey Weinstein paid him zero dollars for season one and just $2,500 an episode for season two.
  2. cult of personality
    Analyzing the Potential for Success of Fergie’s New Shoe LineWe weighed Fergie’s efforts with her new line thus far against Fraser Ross’s dos and don’ts for celeb designers. The results are not entirely grim.
  3. cult of personality
    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Knows His BoundariesJohnny Wright will style Michelle Obama’s hair at the Democratic National Convention, but is America ready for how hot he might make her?
  4. cult of personality
    So About Marc Jacobs Getting Hitched…Fashion Week Daily spoke to Jacobs’s spokespeople, who say the rumors are false. But the “Page Six” says they’re true! Can we get some truth up in here?
  5. cult of personality
    Coming to Terms With Our Girl Crush on Carla BruniIn her ‘Vanity Fair’ cover story, Bruni reveals herself as a fiercely independent image-conscious First Lady, whom Karl Lagerfeld still fawns over.
  6. cult of personality
    Nina Garcia at ‘Marie Claire’: Too Comfortable, Too Soon?Her ‘Elle’ contract prohibits her from doing work at ‘Marie Claire’ until September 1, but she’s already conducting run-throughs!
  7. cult of personality
    Kitson’s Fraser Ross: The Do’s and Don’ts for Celebrity DesignersJust because you’re semi-famous doesn’t mean your fashion line is going to succeed. Just take it from Victoria Beckham and Lauren Conrad.
  8. cult of personality
    Harvey Weinstein Voluntarily Forgoes His ‘Project Runway’ Emmy NodEmmy rules dictate only fifteen producers can win. ‘Runway’ has sixteen.
  9. cult of personality
    Meet Tavi, the 12-Year-Old Fashion BloggerA fellow blogger writes, “I honestly think she’s one of the most fashionable people I have ever seen.”
  10. cult of personality
    It Doesn’t Sound Like Betsey Johnson Misses DowntownSee, uptown she enjoys not being able to walk three blocks without dropping thousands of dollars on designer clothes.
  11. cult of personality
    Nigel Barker Talks Baby Seals, ‘ANTM,’ and His KidsBarker’s photography exhibit — an homage to baby Canadian seals — opens Friday. Allow him to wow you with his seal knowledge.
  12. cult of personality
    When it Comes to Babies, Tom Ford Is No Movie StarHe says if he adopts the child he’s always wanted, he’ll make sure no one will see or photograph it.
  13. cult of personality
    Lauren Conrad Blogs About the Dog-Fashion Show Fiasco [UPDATED]She says the Humane Society did not spend $10K to get her to the event and she wasn’t told she’d be walking in the show — so there!
  14. cult of personality
    Video: Tinsley Mortimer Loves Making Her Own MoneyTinsley appeared on CNBC’s ‘High Net Worth’ to talk about her philanthropy and how she likes to spend her money on herself.
  15. cult of personality
    Hedi Slimane Might Launch His Own LineThe former Dior Homme designer says he plans to return to fashion and has held meetings about starting his own label.
  16. cult of personality
    How William Rast Execs Convinced Justin Timberlake to Star in the CampaignThey let him act in Internet movies and make out with Erin Wasson.
  17. cult of personality
    Lauren Conrad Explains Why She Slighted Marc JacobsConrad says when she met the designer she didn’t even stand up to shake his hand because she was trying to “act cool.”
  18. cult of personality
    Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain’s Updos Are Far Too TautTim Gunn tells ‘Time’ that Michelle Obama looks relaxed in her style, while Cindy McCain’s ponytail looks like a sorry attempt at a face-lift.
  19. cult of personality
    Arden Wohl Defaces Ralph Lauren Store, Gets ArrestedShe wrote “Ralphy Lip-shits” on the Ralph Lauren store in the Hamptons and stole their decorative flags.
  20. cult of personality
    Carla Bruni Wants a Baby!She told a French magazine, “I’m not pregnant and I regret it because I love it when I am.”
  21. cult of personality
    Mary-Kate Olsen Eats, Shuns Booze, Befriends StamEver since Mary-Kate Olsen became friends with Jessica Stam, she’s been eating, smiling, sober, and (gasp) laughing.
  22. cult of personality
    Video: Avril Lavigne Tries to Get Excited About Her New Clothing LineAvril Lavigne’s new clothing line hits stores this month, but she’s not very convincing in the new video promoting it.
  23. cult of personality
    Mario Testino on ‘Vogue,’ Agyness Deyn, Tom Ford, and MoreIn a diary he suggests American ‘Vogue’ is bland and explains why he didn’t cast Agyness Deyn for the fall Burberry campaign.
  24. cult of personality
    Regarding André Leon Talley’s Skivvies, Credit RatingThe towering ‘Vogue’ editor’s credit issues ruined an innocent day of buying thongs at Macy’s. Oh, we’ve been there.
  25. cult of personality
    Tinsley Mortimer Explains How to Become PopularShe wrote a chapter in ‘The Park Avenue Diet’ on interpersonal skills. We share her tips with you.
  26. cult of personality
    Anna Wintour’s New Favorite DressShe’s been photographed in the same Carolina Herrera floral shift three times in just two weeks!
  27. cult of personality
    Sean Avery Missed Couture Because of HockeyHe even spent three days packing!
  28. cult of personality
    Taz Arnold Isn’t Just ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Cubist’ — He’s a Designer!Yesterday we introduced you to the mystery man whom Cathy Horyn couldn’t take her eyes off of at the Paris shows. Today we know his name and much more.
  29. cult of personality
    Who Is Kanye West’s Mystery Fashion Friend?Kanye West made the rounds at the men’s shows in Paris with a friend Horyn says is “fascinating” and “looks vaguely Cubist.”
  30. cult of personality
    Video: Tom Ford in His Massive New Milan StoreTom Ford gives Suzy Menkes a private tour of his new 12,000-square-foot menswear store in Milan, where he even sells walking sticks.
  31. cult of personality
    Real ‘Vogue’ Interns: Our Jobs Were Nothing Like Sean Avery’sWe called up some real ex-‘Vogue’ interns to find out how their experience at the magazine compared to Sean Avery’s. Turns out, they don’t compare!
  32. cult of personality
    Is Vera Wang the Next Martha Stewart, Only Cooler?Vera Wang’s expanding her branding empire. First Kohl’s, now she’s blogging!
  33. cult of personality
    Giorgio Armani: ‘Italians Are Too Slovenly’He blames the lack of decent dressing in Italy on a culture of “atrocious permissiveness.”
  34. cult of personality
    The Diary of ‘Vogue’ Intern Sean AveryAs part of his internship, Avery is guest-editing Mensvogue.com this week, and he’s kicking things off with a diary about what his experience has been like.
  35. cult of personality
    Sharon Stone Lands Damiani Jewelry CampaignAnd she’s already making us nervous she might say something she shouldn’t.
  36. cult of personality
    André Leon Talley’s Turban FetishOur favorite ‘Vogue’ editor has worn turbans twice in recent weeks. It turns out he’s taking lessons on how to wrap them.
  37. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone’s Driver’s License Proves She’s 42A few commenters accused Cutrone of not really being 42 years old, as the ‘Observer’ reported yesterday. We got her driver’s license to prove them wrong.
  38. cult of personality
    Karl Lagerfeld Models His New Yellow Safety VestKarl Lagerfeld is the face of France’s new campaign to promote road-safety awareness — and it’s amazing. The sartorial sacrifice!
  39. cult of personality
    Everyone Wants to Dress Michelle ObamaA horde of famous fashion designers are fawning over the woman (and her height!) after meeting her at a fund-raiser held in her honor.
  40. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Will Fix You Up With Her HouseboyThe profile in the New York ‘Observer’ on the publicist is chock-full of gems. We’ve excerpted our favorites.
  41. cult of personality
    Gisele Bündchen on Money, Tom Brady, and Eating DisordersShe doesn’t care about her salary and says she’s never met a person with an eating disorder.
  42. cult of personality
    Sarah Larson Lands a Campaign!She’ll star in Christian Audigier’s new ads, debuting later this month.
  43. cult of personality
    Britain Honors Anna Wintour With a Fancy New TitleAnna Wintour has been named an Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire! Congrats! Now what does that mean?
  44. cult of personality
    Mary-Kate Olsen on Eating Disorders and Some Other Stuff!Mary-Kate comments on her purported eating disorder for the first time in this month’s ‘Elle.’ We have her quotes on that and even deeper subjects, including Heath.
  45. cult of personality
    Video: Charlie Rose Really Wants Marc Jacobs to Talk About HimselfJacobs went on Charlie Rose to talk about ‘Interview,’ but when Rose got bored with that topic, he tried to get Marc to talk about himself.
  46. cult of personality
    If You Want to Get Karl Lagerfeld’s Attention, Wear ChanelHe just might compliment you. And (gasp) give you things.
  47. cult of personality
    Carla Bruni: ‘My Guy, I Roll Him Up and Smoke Him’That’s a lyric about her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, from her new album. Yes, really.
  48. cult of personality
    Simon Doonan Feels Bad About the André Leon Talley Turban JokeSimon Doonan tried to enliven the CFDA Awards ceremony last week by making a joke about André Leon Talley’s turban. Now he wishes he hadn’t.
  49. cult of personality
    P. Diddy Spends Two Hours Getting ReadyHe takes a long bath, diligently moisturizes, and air-dries by dancing around to James Brown. Seriously.
  50. cult of personality
    Fergie Is Not Getting Paid by Members Only, and Her Stylist Is UpsetA Members Only publicist called us this afternoon to explain Fergie wears MO jackets all the time because she likes them. Her stylist is upset she’s not getting paid.
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