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  1. cult of personality
    More Rick Owens, Shirtless This TimeIn an artsy video portrait of him shot by Nick Knight.
  2. cult of personality
    Rick Owens Is Too Cool for L.A. Fashion Week, Young People With Cute Haircuts, and PublicistsHe is so cool, in fact, that nothing he says even annoys us.
  3. cult of personality
    Rick Owens Worries More About the Gym Than About His Wardrobe“I’m not really into clothes. I wear one outfit like a uniform.”
  4. cult of personality
    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: ‘My Mum Told Me Always to Wear Heels’“If I’m not wearing heels, she says, ‘What? You’re in flats?’ So whenever I see her, I make sure I have heels with me.”
  5. cult of personality
    Dita Von Teese Was a Late Bloomer“I’ve never equated beautiful lingerie with seduction or sex. It’s not about trying to get a man.”
  6. cult of personality
    How Much Creative Directing Does Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Do?She can’t have time for much, since all she seems to do is model these days.
  7. cult of personality
    Alber Elbaz Worries About His Weight, Never Thinks His Work Is Good EnoughAlso, he doesn’t believe in lower-priced lines and thinks clothes aren’t fashion if they’re not wearable.
  8. cult of personality
    Bernard Arnault Makes John Galliano NervousHe also has his wife road test the handbags.
  9. cult of personality
    Getting to Know Kanye’s Lady Love, Amber RoseYou know that bald woman he’s running around town with? She’s (surprise) a model.
  10. cult of personality
    Video: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Is Too Sexy for Her CurvesShe is also glorified in a new ‘Page Six Magazine’ profile.
  11. cult of personality
    Understanding Why Mary-Kate Olsen Doesn’t Want to Be Like AshleyThey had to wear the same clothes until they were 14.
  12. cult of personality
    Speedo Sticks by Michael PhelpsSpeedo won’t cancel his endorsement deal, despite the whole pot thing.
  13. cult of personality
    Sarah Jessica Parker: Fashion MasochistShe tries to downplay her love of fashion. We say, enough already.
  14. cult of personality
    Ashley Olsen Lets Us Into Her SoulShe opens up (sort of) about the Row, returning to acting, and the future of Kimmy Gibbler.
  15. cult of personality
    André Leon Talley on Anna Wintour, Bungalow 8, and TMZ“My relationship with Anna is one where we understand each other. We can communicate silently.”
  16. annals of zoe
    Rachel Zoe on the ‘Today’ ShowThe stylist stopped by to talk about her new show and to address those pesky issues surrounding her supposed penchant for the skinny.
  17. cult of personality
    Rachel Zoe: Blood, Sweat, Tears, RaisinsRachel Zoe is a victim, you hear?
  18. cult of personality
    DVF After-Party: Whitney Port Films, Olivia Palermo FlitsSure, the DVF show was a celebrity circus, but the after-party was where you had to sign release forms for ‘The Hills.’
  19. cult of personality
    Michael Phelps Explains His Style and Beauty RoutineHe’s a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy, and he uses Kiehl’s lotion to combat harsh chlorine.
  20. cult of personality
    Stefano Pilati Doesn’t Like Male Models or Red-Carpet StylistsAnd he also says that no one at Yves Saint Laurent liked Tom Ford.
  21. cult of personality
    The Hills Gets Its Very Own YentaIn an episode much improved from last week’s snoozer, Whitney goes to New York and Kelly Cutrone multitasks like a power bitch.
  22. cult of personality
    Stefano Pilati: ‘Tom Ford Is Talented But Not Gifted’He adds, “Tom would say: ‘We can’t do this silhouette because she looks fat.’”
  23. cult of personality
    Ali Lohan’s First Solo Cover: ‘Supermodels Unlimited’We don’t know where the hell this came from either, but it happened.
  24. cult of personality
    Word Up: The One-Word Inspiration Behind the CollectionsWe asked designers for just one word to describe spring 2009. The results are comical, endearing, puzzling, and enlightening.
  25. cult of personality
    Why Michael Kors’s Business Is BoomingIt’s not all because of ‘Project Runway.’
  26. cult of personality
    Nina Garcia Has Never Seen ‘Stylista’The ‘Runway’ judge and fashion editor gamely answered questions at Barnes & Noble last night to promote her new book.
  27. cult of personality
    Video: Justin Timberlake IS William RastJT wrote and starred in an online movie to promote his clothing line — and it’s finally out!
  28. cult of personality
    Janice Dickinson: Tyra Banks Is Not My Favorite PersonShe points out she had a transgender contestant on her show way before Tyra did.
  29. cult of personality
    Drama on The Hills Strangely Akin to That of Middle EastEpisode two of the latest season was a waste, save for some current-events analysis from the one and only Spencer Pratt.
  30. cult of personality
    Robert Duffy and Marc Jacobs Make the Cutest PairIn the ‘New Yorker’ profile of Jacobs, they talk like an adorable old married couple.
  31. cult of personality
    Karl Lagerfeld Doesn’t Like Smelly JournalistsPlus nine other things we learned about him from his ‘Times’ profile.
  32. cult of personality
    Get Your Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear for Just $1,500!We’d say it’s almost a perfect likeness of the Kaiser, though it unfortunately lacks his fingerless gloves.
  33. cult of personality
    Video: Tyra Banks Reminisces About Teen Modeling With Kimora Lee SimmonsYou know what they say: Behind every great woman is Tyra Banks. Kimora Lee Simmons is no exception.
  34. cult of personality
    The Kate Moss Likability IndexKate Moss has done a shocking two cover stories in a row. But which makes her more likable?
  35. cult of personality
    When You’re in The Hills, You’ll Never Be FriendsThe new season of ‘The Hills’ premiered last night, and we could finally breathe for the first time.
  36. cult of personality
    Heidi Montag Compares Herself to Jesus, Prompt Us to Consider ‘Hills’ BoycottShe and her ‘Hills’ castmates need to stop taking themselves so seriously.
  37. cult of personality
    Video: Siriano Calls Kate Moss a ‘Stumpy Stump,’ Britney a Tranny MessThe season-four ‘Runway’ winner mouths off about the supermodel. Hmm, guess he doesn’t mind making frenemies.
  38. cult of personality
    Rachel Zoe Eats, Never Feels Sexy, Uses the Word ‘Zoebot’The celeb stylist sat down with ‘Bazaar’ and makes us wonder if we’ve perhaps judged her too harshly.
  39. cult of personality
    Diddy Picked His Assistant Last Night, and It’s Us!He liked us, he really liked us!
  40. cult of personality
    Video: Mary-Kate Olsen’s British ‘Elle’ Cover ShootIf only the girl could let her guard down and show her true colors for once.
  41. cult of personality
    Michael Kors to Guest-Star on ‘Gossip Girl’It sounds like he could play himself in a Fashion Week–themed episode.
  42. cult of personality
    Video: The Tyra-As-Michelle Shoot, and Musing on the Rationale Behind ItYep, there’s video footage of the Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama shoot. And it’s priceless.
  43. cult of personality
    Tyra Banks on Michelle Obama, Kimora Lee Simmons, and GiseleWe have a preview of Tyra posing as Michelle as First Lady from the September issue and some of the best Tyra-isms from the article.
  44. cult of personality
    Lauren Conrad to Present at Emmys, Dress Trophy ModelsThe models who actually hand out the awards will reportedly wear Conrad’s dresses — good news for host Heidi Klum.
  45. cult of personality
    Carla Bruni Talks Lovers, Drug Lyrics With Barbara WaltersAnd she says she doesn’t know how many past lovers she’s had!
  46. cult of personality
    Lauren Conrad Thinks Latest Season of ‘Hills’ May Be Her LastThe show’s creator is praying for a different outcome. But Lauren’s ready to grow and needs a five-year plan, she says.
  47. cult of personality
    ‘Project Runway’ Coda: Emily’s Line Is No Better Than Her Ruffle DressShe still doesn’t understand why she got the boot. But after we looked at her line, it couldn’t be more clear to us.
  48. cult of personality
    Mariah Carey: Hair Twirler or Rock Flasher?It seems every time Mariah Carey gets in front of a camera she twirls her hair with her left hand. Is she just flashing her giant ring?
  49. cult of personality
    Solange Knowles Becomes an Armani AmbassadorYes, it’s time to really pay attention to Beyoncé’s little sister. Why? Because Giorgio said so!
  50. cult of personality
    Hedi Slimane Personally Ensures That Texas Is CoolHe’s personally going there for a showing of his photography, along with works by Jeremy Kost and Vanessa Beecroft.
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