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  1. power
    Student in the Sarah Lawrence ‘Cult’ Case Is Sentenced to 4 Years in PrisonProsecutors said Isabella Pollok became Lawrence Ray’s “lieutenant.”
  2. documentaries
    ‘For So Long, I Had Larry in My Ear’In an exclusive clip from Hulu’s Stolen Youth docuseries, Larry Ray survivor Felicia Rosario opens up about the impact of his gaslighting.
  3. books
    The Survivalists Is a Doomsday Fever DreamKashana Cauley’s debut novel raises the question: What would you do to live in a Brooklyn brownstone for free?
  4. nxivm
    The Most Disturbing Details From the NXIVM DocuseriesThe Vow is back for round two.
  5. internet drama
    Dancing in the Name of the LordThe “cult” claims about a TikTok-famous set of performers shocked everyone — except L.A.’s dancefluencer community.
  6. nxivm
    Allison Mack Sentenced to 3 Years in PrisonThe judge said she was “essentially an accomplice” in the NXIVM sex cult.
  7. feature
    The Oracle’s DaughterSarah Green escaped her mother’s cult 22 years ago. She still thinks about those she left behind.
  8. power
    A Cult Leader Known As ‘Mother God’ Was Found MummifiedSeven members of the group Love Has Won have been arrested after Amy Carlson’s body was discovered decomposing in a bizarre shrine.
  9. culture
    What Exactly Is a ‘TikTok Cult’?Thankfully, it’s not as sinister as it sounds.
  10. crime
    The Alleged Mastermind of the Sarah Lawrence ‘Cult’ Has Been ChargedThe federal prosecution of Larry Ray stemmed from a New York investigative story.
  11. nxivm
    What It Was Like to Date a Cult LeaderToni Natalie dated Keith Raniere in the years before he formed NXIVM. Her book about that experience, called The Program, is out now.
  12. science of us
    What Kind of Person Would Join a Sex Cult?Cult expert Janja Lalich explains the draw of Keith Raniere, the leader of the sex cult known as NXIVM.
  13. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Beauty Habits of This Possible Cult LeaderTeal Swan is a controversial self-made guru who calls herself “the spiritual catalyst” — but what I can’t stop thinking about are her pores.
  14. wild wild country
    When You Find Out Your Parents Met in a CultAll thanks to Netflix’s Wild Wild Country.
  15. behind the scenes
    Bhagwan’s Doctor Gives His Take on Wild Wild CountryAnd that time Sheela tried to have him killed.
  16. true crime
    Actress Denies Claims She Was a Recruiter for Alleged ‘Sex Cult’“The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false.”
  17. true crime
    Founder of Alleged ‘Sex Cult’ Arrested and Charged With Sex TraffickingWomen in Nxivm were reportedly branded and referred to as “slaves.”
  18. self-help
    Man Claims Self-Help Group He Joined Is Actually a Sex CultA new lawsuit alleges Gratitude Training, which offers personal development seminars, is a cult.
  19. apocalypse later
    What Happens When the World Doesn’t EndHow doomsday cults regroup after a failed prophecy. 
  20. cults
    What’s Your Spin Instructor Like Outside of Class?Thanks to E!, we’re about to find out.
  21. cults
    Andrew Keegan’s Cult Served Illegal Kombucha Pretty much the most L.A. thing to ever happen in L.A.
  22. cults
    The FLOTUS Enjoys Workout Cults As Much As You DoMaybe she’ll try Barry’s next!
  23. cults
    SoulCycle Promotes Bloodlust Among RidersRide (in front) or die.
  24. 10 commandants i hate about you
    Your ’90s Crush Object Has Started a Straight-Up CultWorship at the religion of Andrew Keegan.
  25. look of the day
    Kesha Wore a Catsuit on Good Morning America“Kitty cat cult gear.”
  26. cults
    Craft All You Want, You’ll Never Be Martha StewartThe Martha complex.
  27. celebrity revelations
    Michelle Pfeiffer Accidentally Joined a Cult But maybe it was just a gym?
  28. cults
    SoulCycle Will Soon Take Even More of Your MoneyYou just can’t help it.
  29. cults
    Marc Jacobs: Louis Vuitton Customers Are ‘Almost Crazy’So that explains why the label is doing so well in These Times.