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Cultural Appropriation

  1. skin kare
    Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued Over SKKNA Black-owned beauty brand filed a suit alleging copyright infringement.
  2. backlash
    A White Woman’s Book on ‘Trap Feminism’ Has Been PulledUnpacking the backlash to Bad and Boujee.
  3. apologies
    Moccasin Brand Is Sorry for Profiting Off Native American CultureThe shoe company is finally starting to acknowledge decades of appropriation.
  4. listening and learning
    Justin Bieber’s Racial Awakening ContinuesFirst white-guy dreads, now … anti-racist merch?
  5. celebrity
    Michael B. Jordan Apologizes After Rum-Brand BacklashNicki Minaj and others accused the actor of cultural appropriation when he announced the name of his new alcohol brand.
  6. celebrity
    Kendall Jenner’s Tequila Is Already Facing BacklashA new ad campaign has prompted accusations that the model is co-opting and profiting off of Mexican culture.
  7. sigh
    ‘Woke’ White Man Once Again Experimenting With DreadlocksJustin Bieber appears unfazed by the criticism, per usual.
  8. wtf
    There’s a New Rachel DolezalJessica Krug has stepped down from her job as an associate history professor after admitting that she pretended to be Black.
  9. q+a
    ‘I’m Sick of Seeing the Same Recipes by the Same People’Talking to Padma Lakshmi about the current state of food media, cultural appropriation, and her new show, Taste the Nation.
  10. books
    Oprah Wants to ‘Hear All Sides’ in American Dirt ControversyHer upcoming Apple TV+ event will purportedly “bring people together … to talk about this book, and who gets to publish what stories.”
  11. celebrity
    Gwen Stefani Doesn’t Really Regret That ‘Harajuku Girls’ PhaseStefani said that it was “an artistic and literal bow down to a culture that I was a superfan of.”
  12. cultural appropriation
    Kim Kardashian West Changes the Name of Her Shapewear Line After BacklashShe’s acknowledged that naming it “Kimono” was not the best idea.
  13. fashion
    Mexican Government Accuses Carolina Herrera of Cultural AppropriationThe brand said in a statement that its collection is inspired by Mexican artisans.
  14. keeping up with the kardashian gaffes
    Here Is a Perfect Example of the Kardashians Profiting Off Black CultureThis is not a good look.
  15. cultural appropriation
    The 11 Worst Moments From John Mayer’s New VideoDancing kung-fu pandas, geisha makeup, and more absurdity.
  16. bad ideas
    Hilary Duff and Boyfriend Jason Walsh Chose Very Unfortunate Halloween CostumesThey did not get the memo.
  17. marc jacobs ss17
    Marc Jacobs Has Read All The CommentsMarc Jacobs posted on Instagram that he was still following the NYFW dreadlock controversy.
  18. Hmm
    Marc Jacobs Comments on Dreadlock Controversy“Funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair.”
  19. why are you like this?
    Vanessa Hudgens Put a Dang Dreamcatcher on Her HeadShe finally went too far.
  20. black hair
    A Helpful Refresher on Cultural AppropriationCourtesy of wise teen Amandla Stenberg.
  21. cultural appropriation
    Let’s Talk About White Gays ‘Stealing Black Female Culture’That Time essay was picking up on something real — but complicated.
  22. Khloé Kardashian’s Kidchella Kostume Offended Everyone She has “no conscience.”
  23. face jewelry
    Selena Gomez Not Backing Down on Bindi FrontNo apologies.
  24. other people’s fashions
    Selena Gomez and Other Bindi-Loving CelebritiesThey love face jewelry.