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Culture (taylor’s Version)

  1. music (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift Has 4 Newish Songs For YouA consolation prize for those of us who couldn’t get ‘Eras’ tour tickets.
  2. mysteries
    The Most Cryptic Taylor Swift Lyrics on MidnightsJust who is she calling a sexy baby?
  3. culture (taylor’s version)
    Who Are All These People on Midnights Who Aren’t Taylor Swift?Her new album arrives with a suite of celebrity cameos.
  4. culture (taylor’s version)
    Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s MidnightsHer new album comes out October 21.
  5. red (taylor’s version)
    For Her Next Trick, Taylor Swift Sabotages a WeddingIn the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me.”
  6. all too well
    Waiting for Taylor’s Version Was Worth ItThe short film All Too Well is a masterpiece, I tell ya!
  7. culture (taylor’s version)
    Someone Check on Jake GyllenhaalTaylor Swift’s ten-minute version of “All Too Well” is here with some devastating new lyrics.