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  1. masculinity so fragile
    Men Threaten Rape Because They Had to Pay 17 Cents More for CupcakesMasculinity so so so so so so so fragile.
  2. crimes and misdeamnors
    Police Locate Cupcake Burglar by Searching for Drunk Girl Covered in FrostingNot very stealthy.
  3. Little Kid Definitely Didn’t Eat a Cupcake TodayWhat cupcake?
  4. the color purple
    Marissa Mayer Hates Purple and Cupcakes, Okay?She’d like to set the record straight on these important matters.
  5. Male Gaze: James Middleton, Marshmallow KingBehold, Boomf.
  6. tools of sexist pigs
    Ladies, Put Down Those Sexist Cupcakes!Damn the man! Fight the bakery!
  7. loose threads
    DVF Didn’t Know About the Smithsonian; Magnolia Bakery Makes Swarovski CupcakesPlus, let Naomi Campbell be your Russian tour guide.
  8. cupcakes
    Glittery Betsey Johnson Cupcakes Soon For SaleIn case you didn’t get your fill of edible sparkles.
  9. show and tell
    Betsey Johnson: Pirates! Cupcakes! Gold Coins That Threaten Models!Per usual, the show was a spectacle. Though perhaps hairier than usual.