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Cushion Compact

  1. empties
    The Best Glowy Skin Serum and 4 Other Beauty Products I Used Till the Last DropAnd a snail cream moisturizer loved by Linda Evangelista.
  2. call me now!!
    What’s Next in Korean BeautyWhat comes after cushion compacts and BB creams?
  3. lunchtime beauty
    The Korean Beauty Product That Gets All the ComplimentsTry this new cushion compact.
  4. the strategist
    9 Cult Korean Beauty Products You Can Buy on AmazonOne of Korea’s biggest exports, apart from K-pop, are its beauty products.
  5. lab rat
    The One Thing You Need to Ward Off Allergy FaceHint: It’s green.
  6. lab rat
    MAC’s First Cushion Compact Is for Cushion-Compact HatersDive in.
  7. i’d like to thank
    The Best Beauty Products of 2015That you can still buy in 2016.
  8. what’s in your makeup?
    What You Don’t Know About the Rise of Korean BeautyThe Korean government is heavily invested in your beauty routine.
  9. best bet
    Summer Foundation That Won’t Melt Off Your FaceDewy but not sweaty.
  10. say cheese
    Will Donkey Milk Make You More Beautiful?And other pressing questions answered by a Korean skin-care expert.
  11. alphabet beauty
    Cushion Compacts: The New BB, CC, Everything-in-Between CreamIncluding the haloed Mister Cushion Compact.