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  1. cut chat
    Every Thought We Had Watching The White Lotus Season-Two FinaleSeason two: chaotic bisexuals!
  2. cut chat
    Every Thought We Had Watching Don’t Worry DarlingFor starters, it was definitely a movie.
  3. life after roe
    Now What?We knew Roe would be overturned, but that doesn’t mean we were prepared for it.
  4. cut chat
    Every Thought We Had Watching And Just Like That…Unpacking the first installment of the Sex and the City reboot, from Samantha’s absence to Miranda’s grey hair.
  5. cut chat
    Andrew Yang Is the Ultimate Alt DadOf course he got a Very Serious Director to do his campaign video.
  6. totally kind of hot
    Borat Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Whereas Sacha Baron Cohen is simply conventionally hot.
  7. cut chat
    On That Ending of I May Destroy YouThe Cut staff on Michaela Coel’s rigorous, unsettling show.
  8. cut chat
    The Comfort and Power of Asian Cooking in QuarantineCoronavirus has changed how I feel about my mom’s recipes.
  9. cut chats
    Hollywood’s Laura Harrier on Her Isolation Beauty Routine“I do need to be doing more than just putting honey on my face.”
  10. cut chat
    Trying to Understand Drake’s HouseSo … it’s a mall?
  11. cut chat
    We Didn’t Expect Weinstein to Be Convicted, and We Don’t Know How to FeelWe can stop writing “alleged” now and write “convicted.” A small mercy.
  12. cut chat
    Justice for Scheana?Vanderpump Rules’s most divisive character deserves better.
  13. strike
    9 Women Weigh In on What the International Women’s Strike Meant to ThemReflections from a day of no labor.