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  1. the theater
    How Big Is Adam Driver in Burn This?Four writers unpack Adam Driver’s size in the horniest play on Broadway.
  2. cut chats
    Sam Rockwell Is … Totally Kind of Hot?“He definitely seems like a murderer with a heart of gold, which I love.”
  3. cut chats
    Beto O’Rourke Is Officially Running for Totally Kind of HotBut can he win?
  4. cut chats
    The Great Glitter Conspiracy of 2018How can anyone rest without knowing who is secretly buying so much glitter?
  5. cut chats
    The Grinch Is … Totally Kind of Hot?His heart is an empty hole.
  6. cut chats
    Bobby Cannavale Is Objectively a Sex Symbol*Kisses fingertips like a horny Italian chef.*
  7. cut chats
    Does A Star Is Born Look Too Cheesy to Be Actually Good?A Cut debate.
  8. hard conversations
    Trying to Process the Asia Argento Situation A conversation, a debate, a lament.
  9. cut chats
    Oleg From The Americans Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Three Cut staffers discuss Oleg Burov, played by Costa Ronin, as the Cold War spy drama comes close to its end.
  10. cut chats
    Jason Mantzoukas Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Three Cut staffers discuss how Jason Mantzoukas, of The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is totally kind of hot.
  11. cut chats
    Bill Hader Is … Totally Kind of Hot?The Cut staff discusses Barry, their Bill Hader fanfic, and whether they’re turned on by Stefon (they are).