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  1. cut opinion pages
    Grow Up: It’s Jack Black Over Jude Law in The HolidayComplicated men with baggage and British accents are for your 20s.
  2. cut opinion pages
    No More GirliesMy one-woman crusade against the girlies probably won’t hasten its demise, but it’s good to be reminded that all trends always fade away.
  3. cut opinion pages
    Good for GiseleThe enemy of my enemy (Tom Brady) is also my friend.
  4. is this flirting?
    Adam Levine Only Has Adam Levine to BlameSumner Stroh may have accused him of cheating and sending deranged texts, but it’s not the “other woman” who’s the problem.
  5. cut opinion pages
    Let the Woman RestThe Marilyn Monroe in Blonde is yet another figment of our imagination. Maybe we could come up with something else now?
  6. cut opinion pages
    Turtlenecks Are Not That GreatI can no longer live under the tyranny of these oppressive garments.
  7. cut opinion pages
    Fall Snacks, RankedThe most chaotic food season is upon us.
  8. cut opinion pages
    Just Stay In On FridayYou know you want to.
  9. cut opinion pages
    Just Celebrate Your Winter Birthday NowWhy not?
  10. cut opinion pages
    God, I Miss EavesdroppingIt’s not just a guilty pleasure.
  11. coronavirus
    Definitely Don’t Watch Contagion Right NowNot even the trailer!
  12. cut opinion pages
    Americans Don’t Appreciate Good CandyIn praise of the uncelebrated fondant-filled licorice tube.
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    Look at This Incredibly Sexy BirdShe goes by secretary bird.
  14. cut opinion pages
    Parrots Are the Best AnimalThey crave intimacy, they help their friends “buy” food, and they dabble in non-monogamy — shall I go on?
  15. cut opinion pages
    There Is Still Time to Get a Christmas TreeAn argument, and an examination of potential tree-related pros and cons.
  16. cut opinion pages
    The Simple Joys of Waiting for a FlightGrab your snacks and meet me at Gate 5.
  17. cut opinion pages
    I’m So Excited for Instagram to Take Away LikesThen I can really start posting.
  18. cut opinion pages
    Sadly, I Like Reading Books on My Phone NowIt helps me stay awake, which I cannot say for a paperback book.
  19. cut opinion pages
    Your Birthday Is One DayYour weeklong celebration is tormenting everyone you love.
  20. cut opinion pages
    The Mona Lisa Should Just Get BangsHear me out.
  21. cut opinion pages
    When Will Full-Length Pants Return From the War?Help, my ankles are cold.
  22. cut opinion pages
    More Exclamation Points, Please!!!!!!Few things fill me with greater dread than receiving a message that just says: hi.
  23. cut opinion pages
    On the Turtleneck Brazenness of Elizabeth HolmesIf only we could be as bold.