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  1. online seductions
    A History of Cybersex: Dirty Talk, Chat Rooms, and AddictionsOnce upon a time, cybering was the safest sex around.
  2. sextual relations
    It Turns Out Nobody Really Likes Sexting Sexting for duty, sir.
  3. online dating
    My Real-Life Her: Who Needs a Body to Have Sex?“We never treated it as anything other than a real relationship,” as Joaquin Phoenix says in the film.
  4. cybersex
    The Rise of Microporn: DIY Dirty Movies for an ADD EraWhy watch six minutes of porn on YouTube when you can watch six seconds on Vine? 
  5. weinergate forever
    Sexting Is the New Porn; Weiner Just Wanted to Be a Porn StarWho needs a phone-sex hotline when your followers are horny?