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  1. cyberstalking
    Ex-eBay Employees Accused of Wildly Bizarre Revenge PlotThey allegedly tormented a couple who wrote about the e-commerce website in their newsletter by mailing them roaches, spiders, and a bloody pig mask.
  2. stalking
    A Woman’s Stalker Used an App to Control Her CarThe app tracked her movements and gave him the ability to control the car from a remote location.
  3. crime
    A Woman Created Over 350 Fake Instagrams to Harass Her Business RivalsA creepy children’s doll and a false kidnapping attempt were also involved in this strange cyberstalking case.
  4. Man Arrested for Threatening Jewish Centers Did It to Harass an Ex-GirlfriendJuan Thompson engaged in a “campaign to harass and intimidate” his ex, authorities say.
  5. revenge porn
    Psycho Refuses to Take Down Website Shaming Ex“I’d devote the rest of my life to doing everything I could, legally of course, to ruin her life and destroy her.”