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D.s. And Durga

  1. pretty things
    Why the Prettiest Scents Contain the Ugliest ThingsBeauty hurts.
  2. fragrant friday
    5 Perfumers on the Best Wedding Scents“Find a perfume that will turn you into what you see as the prince or princess version of you.”
  3. get up in there
    8 Perfect ‘Skin’ Scents for Hot Summer LoveYour skin, but better.
  4. male gaze
    The 5 Hottest Guys in PerfumeSome guys who make scents are really, really, ridiculously good-looking.
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Rodin Olio Lusso Scented CandleFinally, a candle that looks better than a candle.
  6. best bets
    Best Bet: CO/FL FragranceD.S. & Durga and Shipley & Halmos collaborate on a wintry scent.