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Dad Bod

  1. Dadbods Make Men Healthier and More Attractive, According to ScienceWhat great news for dads.
  2. dad bod
    11 Celebrity Dads and Their Post-Baby BodiesJust in time for Father’s Day!
  3. dad bod
    John Legend Tells Us About His Struggle to Get His Post-Baby Body BackIt’s been tough.
  4. the body positvity industrial complex
    Like the Rest of Society, Aerie Man Celebrates Men of All Shapes and SizesBrave.
  5. dadbod
    Emily Blunt Liked It Better When John Krasinski Had a DadbodSame.
  6. Vin Diesel Loves His DadbodShows his abs for the cause.
  7. drakeing bad
    When Exactly Did Drake Get So Swoll?A timeline.
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    The Man Who’s Branding the Dadbod LifestyleCJ Cardenas wants to bring the world Dadbod Beer.
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    The Old New Kids Have Some New AbsNew abs on the block.
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    Dadbod Has Made It to The Daily ShowAll right, we can stop now.
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    Two Weeks in the Life of DadbodWho knew a little gut would be so polarizing?
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    Eat Your Way to a Dadbod This Summer!Light beer is for your “good” days.
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    What Is the ‘Dadbod’? What Does It Mean?And: Is it attractive?