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Daddy Issues

  1. daddy issues
    Christopher Meloni Is the Distraction We Need Right NowThank you, ‘Law & Order,’ for giving us yet another franchise.
  2. daddy issues
    Elon Musk’s Estranged Father Had a Baby With His StepdaughterThe billionaire’s dad says it was “God’s plan.”
  3. daddy issues
    A Possible Verdict in the Salvador Dalí Paternity CaseSalvador, you are … NOT the father!
  4. daddy issues
    A Guy at GQ Is Reportedly Asking People to Call Him Daddy, at WorkWhat a time!
  5. harry potter and the cursed child
    Turns Out Harry Potter Is All About Daddy IssuesWe read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so you don’t have to.
  6. bermuda square
    Daddy Issues, Explained by DolphinsThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  7. reviews of reviews
    Daily Caller Review of Jezebel Book: Daddy IssuesA sophisticated analysis of feminist anger.
  8. daddy issues
    Rise of the ‘Daddies’: A New (and Sexy) Gay NicheIn the ongoing effort of homo-taxonomy, a porny compliment has entered the mainstream.
  9. daddy issues
    Born Billionaires Face Sexist Double Standards, TooTune up your tiny violin.
  10. akin’s acolytes
    Iowa Representative Worries Divorce Makes Girls ‘Promiscuous’Alas, his divorce-restrictions bill was killed.
  11. daddy issues
    Dad-in-Chief Obama: Raising Kids Makes You a ManThe line got big cheers from conservatives.