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  1. celebrity
    Al Pacino Is Joining the Old Dad ClubWeeks after Robert De Niro had a child at 79, the 83-year-old actor confirmed he’s also expecting a baby.
  2. celebrity
    Robert De Niro Is Now a Dad of 7The actor, 79, recently welcomed a daughter with Tiffany Chen.
  3. brooding
    Are New Dads OK?Male loneliness can make for a powder keg of bad vibes.
  4. dads
    Republicans Have a Dad ProblemConservative fathers explain why the fall of Roe is motivating them to vote for Democrats in November.
  5. celebrity
    Pete Davidson Is Ready to ProcreateIn a recent interview, he said it’s his “dream” to have a kid.
  6. celebrity
    Post Malone Is Officially a DadOh, and he’s also engaged.
  7. the most fertile man
    Nick Cannon Says He’s Considering a Vasectomy“I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely.”
  8. all in the family
    Searching for My Imperfect FathersOn a trip to Jamaica, his second childhood home, one writer learns to accept that his family will never really know him.
  9. studies show
    Don’t Call Skateboarding at 50 a Midlife CrisisA new study claims skateboarding can help middle-aged people through depression, stress, and loneliness.
  10. prince daddy
    Prince Harry: I AM DADDYThe prince was spotted wearing a customized dad jacket.
  11. dads
    Are People Buying the Mueller Report for Their Dads or What?The Mueller Report is officially a best seller, perhaps in preparation for Father’s Day.
  12. skin deep
    What Happened When My Dad Tried Moisturizer for the First Time“I’m feeling my face right now. It feels good.”
  13. talking to
    9 Boys on What Their Dads Taught Them About Fatherhood“I couldn’t see how I could do a better job than him.”
  14. father’s day
    I Had No Idea What Fatherhood Was Going to be LikeWhat was it about the baby that was so time-consuming, so life-consuming?
  15. father’s day
    This Twitter Account Devoted to Angry Italians Is My Favorite Place OnlineHow “Italians Mad at Food” made me truly appreciate my dad.
  16. it’s complicated
    The Dating Advice From My Dad That Saved Our RelationshipIt took a pep talk after my first heartbreak for me to realize my father had always been paying attention.
  17. baby music
    Listen to Charming Kids’ Music by Two Stay-at-Home DadsTanlines’ EP for kids is out now from … “Apparent Records.”
  18. winter olympics 2018
    Chloe Kim’s Dad Is Her No. 1 FanAnd he’s got all the ultimate-dad moves.
  19. food parenting
    This Philadelphia Dad Measured His Baby’s Growth With CheesesteaksHe was inspired after noticing his son was the size of a cheesesteak.
  20. science of us
    Having a Daughter Makes Dads More Politically PolarizedIn whichever direction they already happen to lean.
  21. my two cents
    My Parents Are Obsessed With Me Making More MoneyHere’s how to make it through the holidays (and the rest of the year).
  22. my two cents
    My Dad Is Stealing My MoneyHere’s how to cut him off.
  23. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: The Soccer-Mom-Chat Troll, Granola vs. the FDA, and MoreWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  24. dads
    Barack Obama Cried After Dropping Malia Off at Harvard“It was a little bit like open-heart surgery.”
  25. new dads
    Here’s the New Average Age of First-time Dads (Hint: They’re Getting Older)The average age of new dads has increased by four years.
  26. today in dads
    This New Video Game Lets You Play As a Hot Dad Dating Other Hot DadsWe talked to the creators of Dream Daddy.
  27. Why I Wear My Father’s ClothesWe always disagreed about style, but now that he’s gone, I just want to dress like him.
  28. first person
    My PTA Meetings Are a Perfect Metaphor for Trump’s America“Turns out nothing reveals who you really are like dealing with children and how to raise them.”
  29. The Backlash to That Interrupting-Toddler Video Arrived in Record TimeInternet judgment was swift.
  30. dads
    This Video of Obama Roasting Teens for Texting Is Too Good“Giiiirl I couldn’t believe him.”
  31. seth cohen
    God Blesses Earth With Photo of Seth Cohen Holding His Baby DaughterThe public simply cannot handle this photo of Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and his baby daughter.
  32. seth cohen
    Seth Cohen Keeps Talking About Being a Dad and We Love ItSeth Cohen has so many nice things to say about his daughter, and we love to read them.
  33. daaaaaaad
    John Krasinski Is Still Figuring Out This Work-Life Balance Thing“My daughter was 4 and a half months old when I started shooting.”
  34. dads
    Tim Kaine Killed It on Harmonica Last NightHe played the hit single, “Wagon Wheel.” 
  35. masculinity
    Today’s Men Weaker Than Their DadsGives a whole new meaning to dadbod.
  36. Dad Takes Out Full-Page Dating Ad for His 48-Year-Old Son“THIS IS A SERIOUS REQUEST,” the ad reads. “PLEASE BE SERIOUS AS WELL.”
  37. dads
    Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding DaughterBlah blah blah super dad blah blah dad of the year, etc.
  38. dad bod
    11 Celebrity Dads and Their Post-Baby BodiesJust in time for Father’s Day!
  39. today in dads
    Dancing Dads Discover Babies Make Perfect Air GuitarsI want to hate this, but I can’t. 
  40. dads
    Lessons From Norway May Help Nudge American Dads Into Taking Paternity LeaveIt isn’t as simple as offering generous policies. Working dads still have to take them.
  41. cool dads
    Dads’ Musical Collab Not Likely to Impress KidsApple, Moses, Sasha, and Malia: all mortified.
  42. dads
    Secret Service Watches Malia’s Potential Dates“I’ve seen some folks glancing at her in ways that made me not happy.”
  43. tips
    Here Are Some Tips for Cool-Dad Barack Obama on How to Use His Facebook PageDon’t mess this up, bud.
  44. cultural phenomenons
    Area Dad Angry About Your Phone’s Data UsageThe angry text about going over your data limit: a cultural phenomenon. 
  45. parenting
    It Turns Out Millennials Are Pretty Retro DadsDespite their ideals of egalitarian partnership, young dads still shirk domestic duties.
  46. mad skills
    Dads Are Gamely Learning to Do HairSome are even facing their biggest enemy, the “Elsa” braid.
  47. famous babies
    How Will Channing Tatum Explain Magic Mike to His Daughter?“I’m setting aside money for college and therapy.”
  48. advice week
    Turns Out All the Advice My Father Ever Gave Me Was RightAfter 20 years of disagreeing, I’m on a steady diet of humble pie where my father’s concerned.
  49. look of the day
    Justin Bieber Dressed Like a Try-Hard DadIn a fedora.
  50. second opinions
    Dads Should Never Comment on Spring BreakBilly Ray Cyrus interprets Patrick Schwarzenegger’s spring-breaking.
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