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  1. prince hairy
    Breaking: Bearded Prince Harry Pictures EmergeAntarctica stubble.
  2. the midas touch
    Jay Z to Debut His First Fragrance at BarneysIt’s called “Gold.”
  3. q&a
    The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman Talks Beard Trends and Men’s Style“It’s hard to find stylish guys in general.”
  4. posh knows best
    Beckham Accused of Choosing Victoria Over SoccerAnd this is a bad thing?
  5. daily male
    Male Model: ‘Friday Night Is My Binge Night’“But then I always feel bad the next day.”
  6. fact sheet
    Get to Know Sean O’Pry, the World’s Top-Earning Male ModelHe made $1.5 million this year.
  7. fun facts
    Study Shows Men Are Needier Shoppers Than WomenThey need help, and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
  8. party chat
    Jesse Metcalfe Has Dumped Girls Over Fashion“I hate those cheesy prom dresses that girls think are classy.”
  9. daily male
    Men Are Injecting Fat Into Their Butts to Help Pants Stay UpThe plight of the flat-bottomed male.
  10. people who should be shirtless
    Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad Includes a Bathtub, Bare FeetHe is fully clothed, however.
  11. daily male
    Twin Children Closed DSquared2’s Fashion ShowNot creepy, not creepy at all.
  12. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford to Launch Makeup for DudesConcealer and bronzer, specifically.
  13. daily male
    Rag & Bone’s Former Menswear Designer Starts His Own LineMeet Nathan Bogle’s new men’s label, Jardine.
  14. reasons to celebrate
    Joyful Man Streaks Near the Queen at Chelsea Flower ShowNow, that’s happiness.
  15. daily male
    Matthew McConaughey Isn’t Going to Tell Justin Bieber to Put on a ShirtNot this guy.
  16. daily male
    Men’s Panties, Bras Marketed to Straight Dudes“We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, anglican, martian or any other persuasion.”
  17. lochte it down
    Watch Ryan Lochte Struggle With Basic QuestionsAnd reduce interviewers to hysterical laughter.
  18. faces of things
    Cristiano Ronaldo Bestows His Face Upon Us AgainAt long last!
  19. faces of things
    Sorry, Ladies (and Gents): Calvin Klein’s Matt Terry Is TakenChecking in with everyone’s favorite set of abs during his weekend in Miami, Florida.
  20. slash jobs
    Ryan Lochte’s Imminent Reality Show Looks Awfully PainfulHe tries to use words like “emphasis.”
  21. daily male
    Matthew Terry: ‘I’ve Been Working on My Core Since, Like, the Eighth Grade’His weakness? Dark chocolate.
  22. faces of things
    The Mentalist’s Simon Baker Got Himself a Givenchy ContractHe is cute.
  23. See the Return of Calvin Klein’s Super Bowl AbsOh, hey, Matthew Terry.
  24. oscars 2013
    Male Gaze, Oscars Edition: Nine Sexy Men in TuxesAnd one kilt.
  25. daily male
    Scoring David Beckham’s New Underwear Ad, in Light of Matthew Terry’s ExistenceHe runs through Beverly Hills in his underwear, but can he top Matthew Terry’s six-pack?
  26. daily male
    Matthew Terry: Get to Know His Sensitive SideHe’s more than just a set of abs, people.
  27. daily male
    Calvin Klein to Curb Men’s Nacho Intake During Super BowlWith abs. Glorious abs.
  28. Mantyhose Is Supposedly ‘Thriving’ in EuropeSays the company who makes them.
  29. daily male
    Photo: David Beckham’s New Ad for H&MJust. Wow.
  30. daily male
    Jean Paul Gaultier’s Menswear-Slash-Strip ShowZip-away jumpsuits!
  31. daily male
    Pimp Coats, Strategic Dream Catchers, and Other Highlights From Milan MenswearAlso: ski masks, exciting pants, and a dog.
  32. daily male
    Zoom Shot: Versace’s Hot PocketsLacy ones, at that.
  33. daily male
    The Best and Worst of the London Menswear ShowsBeards, basset hounds, and Santa!
  34. campaign trail
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Tragically Unrecognizable in Prada AdsBenicio Del Toro, on the other hand, looks scary as usual.
  35. multi-zoom analysis
    Kanye West’s Givenchy Skirt: Zooming InHe’s worn it before.
  36. q&a
    The Man Who Wants Men to Enjoy ShoppingAt Alexandre Mattiussi’s first boutique in Paris, the clothes are simple, the music is good, and the dressing rooms are big.
  37. hairy situations
    How Movember Made Men’s Health (and Mustaches) SexyThe rapidly growing movement had a rec0rd-breaking 1,124,765 participants this year.
  38. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week FourThe last week of the month brings more bushiness and some disappointment.
  39. campaign trail
    Saint Laurent’s New Menswear Ads Star a WomanSaskia de Brauw.
  40. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week ThreeA handlebar emerges!
  41. daily male
    Five Fantastic Years of David Beckham’s HotnessA look back now that he’s retiring from the Los Angeles Galaxy.
  42. post-olympic fever
    Michael Phelps Learns Magic Tricks, Attempts WaistcoatSeriously.
  43. daily male
    James Bond’s New Suits Show ‘Leg Muscle’Thank you, Tom Ford.
  44. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week TwoChecking in with our Movember participants.
  45. gender shmender
    Girls Who Look Like Boys Photographed for VIn an editorial titled “Studs.”
  46. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week OneTracking the progress of Movember participants.
  47. daily male
    H&M Releases Yet More Photos of David Beckham in His UnderwearWho’s going to tell them to stop, ever?
  48. daily male
    WWD Thinks President Obama’s Pants Are Too BaggyThey note that he’s lost some weight.
  49. daily male
    Max Greenfield Denied a Tom Ford Tuxedo During Awards SeasonBelated Emmy’s Dispatch!
  50. whiskers
    Happy Movember, Everyone!An ode to all the facial hair we’ll see over the next month.
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