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  1. faces of things
    Just Kidding About Robert Pattinson’s Dior Fragrance DealThe brand says no contracts have been signed.
  2. look book
    The Ryan Gosling Look BookAbout damn time.
  3. daily male
    The Price Is Right’s First Male Model Speaks“Models never talk during the fabled Showcase Showdown.”
  4. brief encounters
    Tourists Crash David Beckham’s Latest H&M Underwear ShootWho can blame them?
  5. tebow < lochte
    Ryan Lochte Better Than Tim Tebow at Rolling Enormous TiresObviously. Plus, Lochte did it first.
  6. daily male
    Slideshow: Playing Matchmaker for the Men of MADEWe are your overbearing grandmother, MADE staffers.
  7. true love
    Ryan Lochte Talked to Anna Wintour, Has Clean TeethAnd other things we discussed when we FINALLY MET HIM IN PERSON.
  8. gratuitous male objectification
    Watch Shirtless Male Models Offer to Buy You TamponsAnd other things you wish your boyfriend would do.
  9. daily male
    Chubby Men Deserve to Be Stylish, TooSo says Chubstr.com founder Bruce Sturgell.
  10. breakups
    Robert Pattinson Lets Kristen Stewart Know What She’s MissingHe left his barn door open on Wednesday night.
  11. daily male
    Spot the Difference: David Beckham’s Bodywear AdsOr just stare at the pictures. That works, too.
  12. rolling in the veep
    Everyone Agrees: Paul Ryan’s Style Is AwkwardThat’s settled, then!
  13. daily male
    How David Beckham’s Shirtless Statue Compares to His Shirtless SelfExamining these specimens side by side.
  14. daily male
    Designer Resale Site the Real Real Expands to MenswearFancy secondhand Tom Ford gear, online.
  15. daily male
    What David Gandy Thought of His Olympic Closing Ceremony PerformanceHe’s way too hard on himself.
  16. daily male
    Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari Discuss Fashion Also, Scott has strong thoughts on scarves.
  17. daily male
    Interview Did a Grindr-Themed EditorialFeaturing Rob Evans, River Viiperi, and more scantily clad male models.
  18. naked-o-meter
    The Male Olympian Nudity IndexThe Cut gets super scientific measuring male athletes’ nudity.
  19. hot shots
    This David Beckham Ad Is a Real Cliffhanger!Dun dun dun.
  20. hey arnold
    L’Uomo Vogue Very Preoccupied With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wardrobe“Rigorous blue and gray suits matched with lively ties.”
  21. daily male
    David Gandy Reviewed Fancy ‘Mega Hatch’Missed opportunity.
  22. daily male
    Slideshow: See Celebrities Wearing Looks From the Spring 2013 Menswear ShowsMatthew McConaughey in Versace, Ryan Gosling in McQueen, and more.
  23. daily male
    A Few Words on Ryan LochteBecause … why not?
  24. daily male
    Johnny Depp’s Stylist Really Liked Something Made by Jonathan Saunders“His stylist went crazy for them when he saw our menswear in LA.”
  25. daily male
    Happy Birthday, Prince William!An ode to 30 years of the Duke of Cambridge.
  26. daily male
    What Are Fashion Dudes Shopping for This Fall?Don’t you want to think about sweaters and tweed in this 92-degree weather?
  27. daily male
    Prince Charles Can’t Even Live With Himself and His Impeccable Style“It has taken 64 bleeding years.”
  28. daily male
    Tom Ford Suggested That Prince Charles Try Some Cuticle CreamPerhaps his nails were looking a bit raggedy.
  29. quotable
    Matt Bomer Discusses Waxing for Magic MikeApparently it was a team-bonding thing.
  30. daily male
    Slideshow: The Most You’ll See of Johnny Depp TonightA consolation slideshow.
  31. daily male
    The Secret Lives of MaitersMale models with side gigs in the catering business. 
  32. people whose outfits we don’t really care about
    Michael Kors Doesn’t Mind Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodies, EitherHe likens them to his own preference for black crew necks.
  33. daily male
    Must We Keep Complaining About Mark Zuckerberg’s Sweatshirts?Really?
  34. hairy situations
    One Brave Guy’s Pejazzling Account: ‘I Feel Like a New, Fancier, Textured Man’Buzzfeed’s Gavon Laessig tried pejazzling and lived to blog about it.
  35. tear sheets
    Karlie Kloss Takes a Steamy Shower in McQueenAnd more from Vogue’s new Olympics-themed editorial.
  36. faces of things
    Confirmed: Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5 CampaignHe’s the first man to front the scent.
  37. So, About Marc Jacobs’s White Boxer ShortsSince we all got to see them last night.
  38. daily male
    Men’s Underthings Are Becoming More Like BrasWith adjustable straps and cups and everything!
  39. party chat
    James Franco Owns More Suits Than He Knows What to Do With“I have more suits than a person could ever wear in, like, five lifetimes.”
  40. daily male
    Bravo Has a New Male Model Reality Show in the WorksIt’ll be produced by Adam DiVello, of The Hills and The City.
  41. daily male
    Bald Dudes Have It Easier These Days, According to the TimesThey can accessorize!
  42. gratuitous pictures of hot people
    Happy National Cleavage Day! Celebrate with our slideshow of prominent male chests.
  43. daily male
    David Beckham Had a Thing for Hosiery As a ChildThis means only one thing: Beckham-branded mantyhose!
  44. daily male
    ‘Mantyhose’ Is Happening!Basically just long spandex with feet.
  45. Which Oscar Men Dressed Best for Their Body Type?Veteran stylist Alan Au, who specializes in men of short stature, breaks it down.
  46. carine!
    Exclusive Preview: Carine Roitfeld for VMANIncluding a firefighter, a florist, and a vegan chef (dressed in nice clothes, of course).
  47. menswear fall 2012 trend report
    Fall 2012 Menswear Trend: Statement ShoesFootwear was studded, colorful, and possibly holographic.
  48. The Most Ridiculous Looks of the Fall 2012 Men’s Show SeasonTails, lace tops, masks, and many more fun things stormed the runways, as they tend to.
  49. daily male
    The (Inexact) Science of a Great Male-Model Runway WalkA casting director helps break down what guys have to do on the runway in order to succeed these days.
  50. reasons to watch the super bowl
    H&M to Debut David Beckham Bodywear Ads During the Super BowlOoh.
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