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Dancing With The Stars

  1. hiya jojo!
    JoJo Siwa, Is That You?The YouTuber and former Dance Moms star performed a jazz routine while dressed as Pennywise the (Dancing) Clown from It.
  2. influencers
    What Do You Think Olivia Jade Is ‘Best Known’ For?According to her, it’s not the highly publicized college admissions scandal.
  3. yay
    DWTS Will Finally Have a Non-Hetero Dance PairingFeaturing JoJo Siwa.
  4. tv
    Here’s How Carole Baskin’s Dancing With the Stars Debut WentIt included a paso doble and a $100,000 reward for information about her missing ex-husband.
  5. tv
    I’m Worried About Coach Monica on Dancing With the StarsWill she be able to retain her powerful aura of competence and dignity?
  6. end times
    Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars Is a Sign of the End TimesIs anything grimmer than Sean Spicer’s debut on Dancing With the Stars?
  7. reading the signs
    Dancing With RealityWhy Sean Spicer’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars is the best allegory for our dystopia.
  8. spicey’s second act
    Sean Spicer Will Dance His Way Back Into Public LifeIt’s not the first time Dancing With the Stars has rehabilitated a right-wing figure.
  9. do trust the b
    Oh My — Don’t Trust the B Accurately Predicted the FutureWhat else did the beloved sitcom get right?
  10. dancing exes
    Ivana Is the Latest Trump Ex-Wife to Appear on Italian Dancing With the StarsShe followed in Marla’s footsteps.
  11. spicy
    Sean Spicer Says No to Dancing With the Stars Because of Other ‘Commitments’“He’s not a good dancer.”
  12. how spicey
    Dancing With the Stars Is Reportedly Trying to Cast Sean SpicerAccording to “Page Six.”
  13. hot shot
    Everything’s Coming Up MarlaWhat a life.
  14. dancing with the stars
    American Sweetheart Laurie Hernandez Won Dancing With the StarsLet’s be honest, who can resist those power moves and doelike eyes?
  15. Police Charged the Men Who Protested Ryan Lochte on Dancing With the StarsTwo men were charged with two counts of misdemeanors on Monday.
  16. dancing with the stars
    Protesters Interrupted Ryan Lochte’s Segment on Dancing With the StarsApparently Lochte was close to tears.
  17. reality republicans
    Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the StarsSorry, America.
  18. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Is Considering ‘Multiple Offers’ for a Fashion LineAlso, reality shows.
  19. model tracker
    Baptiste Giabiconi’s Latest Performance on France’s Dancing With the Stars Was to the Friends Theme SongSing along as you watch.
  20. model tracker
    Adriana Lima Performed on Turkey’s Dancing With the StarsBack to you, Baptiste. Dance-off!
  21. slash jobs
    Chanel Muse Baptiste Giabiconi Is on France’s Dancing With the StarsHis latest routine involves fist pumping.
  22. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Serena Williams Buddies Up With the Vogue Crew at Vera WangShe was sandwiched between Anna and ALT.
  23. scantily clad hotties
    Lane Bryant Says ABC and Fox Didn’t Want to Air Their Lingerie CommercialThey say they paid for prime-time slots and everything.
  24. ice princes
    Evan Lysacek Talks Cars With Ralph Lauren, Dreams of Designing WatchesHe has over a dozen watches, including a Rolex, an Omega, and a Louis Vuitton.
  25. beauty marks
    See How Angelina Jolie Covers Up Her Tats; Plastic Surgery on the Rise in IraqAnd fragrance sales are down.
  26. collaboration station
    Project Runway Alum Kit Scarbo to Launch Line With EtniesIt debuts this January.
  27. reality bites
    Vera Wang Won’t Be on Dancing With the StarsShe’s probably focusing on, you know, finishing up her collection.
  28. party lines
    Vera Wang Hasn’t Decided Whether She’s Going on DWTSBut it’s a possibility!
  29. make it stop
    Vera Wang on Dancing With the Stars: A Very Real PossibilityWe’re not ready!