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  1. friendship
    Javier Bardem, Please Plan My Birthday PartyCommitment is jumping out of a cake dressed as a Bond girl for Daniel Craig.
  2. movies
    The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely CursedIt’s been plagued by rewrites, injuries, literal fireballs, and now, video games.
  3. 007 baby
    Rachel Weisz and James Bond Are Expecting a Baby“We’re going to have a little human.”
  4. Is James Bond’s Wife Trying to Send a Secret Message? Scary. Very scary.
  5. the best misandrist
    Monica Bellucci Says She Is a Bond Woman, Not a Bond Girl, ThanksThey should make her Bond.
  6. tips
    Daniel Craig’s One Weird Trick to Cure HangoversYou’ll never guess whom he learned it from.
  7. party pics
    Party Pics: Lupita, Kiernan, Karlie, and MorePlus: Naomi Watts wearing hair extensions.
  8. remember the early 2000s?
    Daniel Craig Just Called to Say ‘I Love You,’ Kate MossVoice mails from the mid-aughts.
  9. burnt sienna
    Sienna Miller Can’t Escape 2005A salacious News of the World item and an ill-timed profile.
  10. man crushes
    40 Men That Men Find BeautifulNot who you’d expect.
  11. giveaways
    Win a Missoni Beach Towel (Man Not Included)You’ll have to look at some shirtless hunks first.
  12. daily male
    James Bond’s New Suits Show ‘Leg Muscle’Thank you, Tom Ford.
  13. secret agent man
    Bond Girls Are Now Women, and 007 a Real Man“Bond’s transformation from rape-ready rogue to wounded and woman-weary tough guy is complete.”
  14. duchessess!!!
    Kate and Will’s Movie Night So Low-Key There Aren’t Even PicturesIt basically never even happened.
  15. look of the day
    Bérénice Marlohe and Daniel Craig Take GermanyThe Skyfall European tour continues.
  16. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Is Dressing Daniel Craig in the New James Bond MovieIt’ll be a “slick wardrobe.”
  17. oscars
    Red-carpet Style, Live From the OscarsAll the looks from the Most Important Red Carpet Ever.
  18. hot men
    Tom Ford’s Suit Skirts for Daniel Craig Are Very SwishyTherefore enabling him to run, jump, and blow things up while still looking sexy.
  19. hotties
    Check Out These Hot Men in Watch AdsTom Brady, Daniel Craig, Roger Federer, and more look quite sexy when selling timepieces.
  20. loose threads
    How Carla Bruni Saved Dior; Daniel Craig Is Best DressedCarla Bruni Sarkozy’s all-Dior wardrobe during her London visit was worth $1 million in advertising for Dior; GQ crowns Daniel Craig its best-dressed man — John McCain never had a chance.
  21. loose threads
    Smiling on ‘Project Runway’ and Crying Over Tom Ford SuitsProject Runway contestant Jillian Lewis wonders if she could have been a bit more personable and smiley on camera. That’s cute. She thinks smiling and fashion go together. [NYDN]