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  1. Should We All Be Getting Married in Vegas?Maybe a little white chapel is your destiny.
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    Figures of couple from paper and scissors.
    How to Break Up With Someone in the Kindest Possible WayA relationship therapist and a social worker offer 16 tips for how to prepare for and initiate a breakup, and how to move on.
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    What’s With All the Singles Ski Trips?Between chairlift speed dates and boozy après brunches, romance is blossoming on the slopes.
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    Woman using phone late at night in bed. Person looking at text messages with cell in dark home. Hipster online dating or texting with smartphone. Sexting or cheating concept.
    The Ultimate Guide to SextingFour sex experts share their advice for knocking your sexts out of the park.
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    Photograph of couple ripped in half
    How to Get Over SomeoneSome practical advice from the experts.
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    ‘Help! I Suck at First Dates’Make an earnest attempt to get to know each other. That involves a lot of listening.
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    Depressed woman lying on the bed at home.
    How to Get Over a BreakupBlock your ex, and more tips from anonymous New Yorkers.
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    A couple have a serious talk on a rattan chair
    A Long List of Questions to Deepen Your RelationshipWhy not get to know your partner a little better? Here are 120 ideas for what to ask.
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    Is Everyone Dating Pathological Liars Now?Or are high-profile tales of deception encouraging more women to come forward and expose their exes’ red flags?
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    Lesbian couple relaxing and drinking tea
    55 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend (or Partner) to Strengthen Your RelationshipTrying to keep the spark alive? Here, have some thought starters!
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    Special good morning messages from a special person
    90 Cute ‘Good Morning’ Texts for Her to Start Her MorningStumped on what to text to your lover? We have you covered.
  12. first person
    All the Possible FuturesMy dating profile put me in touch with who I was before my marriage fell apart. But my daughter forced me to confront who I wanted to be.
  13. love is blind
    Is It Time to Stop Watching Love Is Blind?After a series of recent lawsuits against the show’s producers, I’m not sure I can keep going after season six.
  14. relationships
    Does Sex Have to Suffer in Long-Term Relationships?Emily Nagoski, the popular sex educator and author of the new book Come Together, has some answers.
  15. esther calling
    ‘How Can I Date When I Feel Unlovable and Unworthy?’Instead of bringing your inherited sense of self-worth to every date, Esther Perel tells this week’s ‘caller, you can make that voice quieter.
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    Ethical Sluthood at 79Dossie Easton, co-author of the original poly bible, looks at the world she has helped wrought.
  17. relationships
    A Practical Guide to Modern PolyamoryFor the curious couple.
  18. relationships
    What Does a Polycule Actually Look Like?Meet Nick and Sarah and Anna and Alex …
  19. first person
    I Was the Villain in My RelationshipWhy was it so hard to admit that I used my ex-boyfriend for his apartment?
  20. dating apps
    Who Wants to Pay $499 a Month for Tinder?The company says its elite membership is only open to one percent of users.
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    The Age GappersThey say they’re happy. Why is it so hard to believe them?
  22. relationships
    The Rise of the Quiet BreakupCouples are still ending things, they’re just not telling you.
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    ‘Is My Crush Just Leading Me On?’When a guy is interested, it tends to be pretty obvious.
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    Linda Evangelista Has an Excellent Reason to Stay Single“I don’t want to hear somebody breathing.”
  25. love and war
    There Are Worse First-Date Spots Than Applebee’sA list of places women refuse to go on dates has left out some notable entries.
  26. esther calling
    ‘How Do I Stop Obsessing Over Having Had an Affair and Forgive Myself?’Beating yourself up doesn’t solve anything, Esther Perel says. Instead, unpack why you had the affair in the first place and what you got from it.
  27. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: He Was Living With His GirlfriendTwo exes explain why it ended.
  28. esther calling
    ‘My Brother’s Wife Ruined Our Relationship’No matter how close siblings are, Esther Perel says, they shouldn’t define what love is for each other as they grow older.
  29. come here often?
    Is Flirting Cheating?It’s hot until it crosses the line, but it seems no one can agree on where that line is.
  30. come here often?
    How to Flirt, According to a Bartender“I know that at any bar or party I can get anyone I want.”
  31. come here often?
    In Defense of NeggingNot only does it work, but I actually kind of enjoy it.
  32. come here often?
    8 People on Their Most Disastrous Flirting Attempts“We both ignored it until the smell went away.”
  33. come here often?
    Can You Teach a Girl to Flirt?This summer, I tried to find out.
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    Rupert Murdoch, Alive and DatingApparently he has found love again with retired scientist Elena Zhukova.
  35. esther calling
    ‘I’m Seeing Someone I Really Like — I Just Wished She Liked Me Less’To be able to experience a loving relationship, Esther Perel says, you must first accept that you’re capable of being loved.
  36. ¡hola papi!
    ‘How Do I Make a Move Without Coming Off As Creepy?’Even I live in fear of saying something on a dating app that ends up in a viral Twitter screenshot.
  37. esther calling
    ‘Is My Partner Gaslighting Me, or Am I Being Overly Sensitive?’Manipulation, scapegoating, coercion, and lying are all gaslighting tactics, says Esther Perel. This “Esther Calling” caller knows them all too well.
  38. esther calling
    ‘I’m 40 and I’ve Never Had a Long-Term Relationship’First things first: Our romantic attachments mirror the emotional bonds we have with our first caregivers, says Esther Perel in this “Esther Calling.”
  39. recommendations
    The Complete Esther Perel Immersion CourseA guide to the rest of Perel’s (cross-platform, ever-expanding) canon.
  40. esther calling
    “I’m Resentful of My Partner’s Privilege”“This is not a problem you need to solve,” Esther Perel tells this “Esther Calling” listener. This is the relationship.
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    Which Episode of Where Should We Begin? Should You Listen to Right Now?A comprehensive guide to Esther Perel’s flagship podcast.
  42. where should we begin?
    Esther Perel’s Favorite Episodes of Her Own PodcastThe infidelities, the fights, and the blindfolds.
  43. where should we begin?
    The Cut’s Everything Guide to the Esther Perel UniverseWhere should you begin? Right here.
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    Girls at a party
    60 Questions for Couples to Get to Know Each Other BetterBecause it’s always a good time to get closer.
  45. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I’m Only Into Guys Who Are Already in Relationships’I’m glad you were able to identify this problem before attempting a home-wrecking.
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    So What’s Your ‘Beige Flag’?If you can’t answer … well, that’s your answer.
  47. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Have a Big Crush, But She Has a Girlfriend’It’s easy to romanticize trysts and chance encounters, but those do not a sturdy relationship make.
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    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a MatchTired of apps and pandemic isolation, Jewish singles are turning to professional matchmakers for help in the love department.
  49. ¡hola papi!
    ‘How Do I Ask Him Out?’Express interest. Avoid desperation. That’s about it.
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    First Comes Love, Then Comes Living With Your Partner’s ParentsFor young couples considering moving in together, the most realistic option is getting roommates named Mom and Dad.
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