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David Agbodji

  1. wanna be on top
    ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Is (Sadly) Lost for WordsOf course, this is thanks to crazy old lady Lisa’s photo.
  2. campaign trail
    Behold Calvin Klein’s Latest Shots of the Spectacular David AgbodjiHe’s like the Gisele of the male modeling world.
  3. model tracker
    Sigrid Agren Is Sunday’s Top ModelWelcome back to the game, Sigrid!
  4. someone’s naked!
    Calvin Klein Treats Madison Avenue to Bare Male Model’s ButtAnd it is glorious.
  5. model tracker
    Top Ten Models to WatchWho are the new catwalk stars for the season? Find out.
  6. model tracker
    Meet the New Guy: David AgbodjiThe French-born model opened and closed Calvin, which is often a launchpad for careers.