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David Foster

  1. you know what i heard
    Met Gala Gossip: Emma Stone and Justin Theroux Left the After-Party TogetherAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  2. thirsty
    John Mayer Takes His Insatiable Thirst to InstagramThe singer asked David Foster to “put in a good word” for him with Foster’s daughter Erin.
  3. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Huma Abedin Hung Out With Gigi Hadid’s Ex-StepdadAbedin walked a red carpet with a Real Housewife’s ex-husband.
  4. best reads of 2016
    The Weird, Wonderful Personal Lives of Middle-aged Male CelebritiesThe best thing to read right now is the “personal life” section of a male celebrity’s Wikipedia page.
  5. literary life
    Why Literary Chauvinists Love David Foster WallaceWhen did his fans start making women roll their eyes?