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David Letterman

  1. happy endings
    David Letterman Apologizes for Sexism During His Late-Night Days“I’m sorry about the whole thing. Honestly, I am sorry.”
  2. playing dumb
    David Letterman Just Can’t Figure Out Why He Never Had Women WritersAnd Tina Fey nails him on it.
  3. sexual harassment
    Why Do We Condemn Some Men and Forget About Others?When it comes to harassment, change is fast and our memories seem short.
  4. santa baby
    We Should All Be As Happy As David Letterman’s BeardIt’s having a really good week. 
  5. retirement
    Here Is David Letterman’s Retirement Beard: Vacation EditionDave is modeling this year’s retirement facial hair.
  6. beardology
    How Do You Tell an ‘Achievement Beard’ From a Loser Beard?It’s so hard to know your beard breeds.
  7. down with spanx
    Tina Fey Is Done With Wearing Fancy DressesShe let David Letterman in on the “almost medical” shapewear they require.
  8. look of the day
    Lindsay Lohan Wore a Piano Dress on LettermanWith thigh-high boots.
  9. look of the day
    Lucy Liu Showed Off Some Bold StripesAnd puffed shoulders, too.
  10. Salma Hayek Bumbled Through the National Anthem, But We Love Her More for ItAnd it was adorable.
  11. fancy pants
    To Discuss: Katie Holmes’s Santa PantsThey look pretty great, actually.
  12. look of the day
    Naomi Watts Combines Wool and LeatherIn the form of a very voluminous hybrid coat. 
  13. loose threads
    Tyra Banks’s GIF Party; Lara Stone for Calvin Klein UnderwearPlus, Natalia Vodianova covers Vogue Russia.
  14. loose threads
    Anna Wintour’s Letterman Appearance Racked Up Viewers; Sex and the City Makes Manolo Blahnik ‘Sick’Also, a new study in obviousness shows women wear uncomfortable shoes if they’re fashionable.
  15. wintour wonderland
    In Case You Were Wondering What Anna Wintour Ate After LettermanIt may have been a salad.
  16. loose threads
    Zac Posen to Show in Smaller Venue This Season; Hamish Bowles’s Fashion’s Night Out PlansAlso, Anna Wintour’s latest dress repeat.
  17. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Watching Anna’s Icy Aura on LettermanIt felt a bit like eavesdropping on somebody’s incredibly awkward blind date.
  18. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Doesn’t Need to Rehearse Her Letterman AppearanceApparently she has “done plenty of live TV before.”
  19. loose threads
    Peter Copping’s First Nina Ricci Collection Delayed; Marc Jacobs to Open Another Bleecker Street StoreAlso, Emma Watson wears Christopher Kane on Letterman.
  20. girl crushes
    Video: Carla Bruni’s U.S. Press BlitzShe went on the ‘Today’ show this morning and ‘Letterman’ last night to promote her new album.
  21. tube time
    Carla Bruni’s on ‘Letterman’ TonightWill she talk about rolling up her husband and smoking him like a drug? Here’s hoping!
  22. head for the hills
    Video: Letterman Prompts Lauren Conrad to Question Her IdiocyHe also suggests she’s the reason no one gets along on ‘The Hills’.
  23. beauty marks
    Elettra Schools Letterman; the $5 Makeup StealPlus: The look for summer makeup is dark-lined eyes with fuchsia lips, CVS plans to make its cosmetics products safer, and one of the best $5 makeup deals we’ve ever seen.