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  1. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Have a Good Life. I’m Happy. Why Isn’t That Enough?’You need to strike a balance between fantasy and reality: Someone probably isn’t going to waltz into your life and fix everything for you.
  2. science of us
    Excessive Daydreaming Might Be a Form of Mental IllnessResearchers think “daydreaming disorder” could be linked to OCD.
  3. Pretending You’re Someone Else Can Make You More CreativeIt’s called “psychological halloweenism.”
  4. Sometimes Daydreaming Your Way Out of a Boring Situation Can BackfireEven when you’re stuck doing something less than exciting, you may be better off staying in the moment.
  5. neuroscience
    Is the Default Mode of the Brain to Suffer?Mental meanderings are “the baseline state of you as a cognitive system” — is that a good thing?
  6. Everyone Should Make Time for DaydreamingIt’s worth spending a little time each day imagining the world beyond the present moment.