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Death Penalty

  1. power
    Melissa Lucio Has Been Granted a Stay of ExecutionA Texas court will review new information Lucio’s lawyers say proves she didn’t kill her daughter.
  2. crime
    The Last Man Set to Be Executed by the Trump AdministrationWhat to know about Dustin Higgs, the final person scheduled to be killed in Trump’s cruel and unprecedented execution spree.
  3. death penalty
    A Horrific, Tragic Story Ends in ExecutionLisa Montgomery committed a terrible crime after a lifetime of physical and sexual torture left her disconnected from reality.
  4. power
    The Senseless Killing of Brandon BernardTrump’s decision to go ahead with his execution feels like cruelty for the sake of cruelty.
  5. mental illness
    Pakistan Is Going to Execute a Schizophrenic ManIt would be nice to say that the American justice system would never do something like this. It would also be false.
  6. death penalty
    My Views on Tsarnaev and the Death Penalty Are Irrational, But So Are YoursThe difficulties of arguing from the gut.
  7. religion
    Will a Catholic City Put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death?The sentencing phase of the trial highlights the changing relationship between American Catholics and the death penalty.