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  1. commuting
    We Solved the Holland Tunnel’s Disastrous Decoration CrisisThe Port Authority is conducting a poll to update the decorations, but we have another suggestion.
  2. abortion rights
    Watch Hillary Clinton Passionately Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose“I will stand up for that right.”
  3. the body politic
    Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOPThis weekend, Trump went down in a blaze of revelation, tying his own outsize loutishness to the everyday misogyny of his party.
  4. run away
    Some Creepy Guy Kept Standing Right Behind Hillary Clinton at the DebateLook out, Hillary!
  5. good try
    Watch Anderson Cooper Try to Get Donald Trump to Admit to Groping Women“You bragged about sexually assaulting women. Do you understand that?”
  6. everyday sexism
    Guess How Many Times the Moderator Was Interrupted During the VP DebateSpoiler: a lot of times.
  7. video
    A Supercut of Women’s Issues at Last Night’s DebateLorraine? May I call you Lorraine?
  8. deep thoughts
    ‘Already Tired of #Debate’: Celebrity Tweets From the Presidential DebateWhat Iman and Snooki were thinking about during last night’s town hall debate.
  9. How to Be a Good Single Mom, According to Obama and RomneyOnly one requires you to get married before you have the baby so it doesn’t grow up to be a killer.