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  1. debates
    Should You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?A festive debate.
  2. important political news
    The Winner of the GOP Debate Was the Hot Guy Sitting Behind the ModeratorSorry, Trump.
  3. portents
    When Did Humans Doom the Earth for Good?A scientific debate that’s oddly amusing to entertain: At what point, exactly, did mankind irrevocably put the planet on the road to ruin? 
  4. war on leggings
    Montana Legislature Declares Leggings Not PantsAnd leggings continue to drive feminist debates.
  5. debates
    Men: It’s No One’s Fault You’re Not FunnyBrave comedian Lizzy Caplan argues for funny-equality.
  6. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Denied Front-Row Seat at Tuesday Night’s DebateHasn’t Hofstra heard of Vogue?
  7. stump style
    Jill Biden and Janna Ryan Exchanged an Awfully Painful HandshakeNo onstage hugs this time.
  8. debates
    Did He Say Anything About Me Last Night? On not being pandered to in the presidential debate.
  9. photo op
    Anna Wintour Went to the Debate!AND SHE DIDN’T SIT FRONT ROW.
  10. bag politics
    Sarah Palin’s New Tote Bag: ‘Real Women Hunt Moose’Michelle Obama, on the other hand, wore Narciso Rodriguez on Tuesday night.