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  1. power
    Dreaming of Student-Debt ReliefEight people on what President Biden’s loan-forgiveness plan would mean for them.
  2. power
    4 People on Feeling Crushed by Their Student Debt“You will forever be a slave to something you signed your life away to when you were a stupid 17 or 18-year-old.”
  3. my two cents
    ‘I’m Terrified of Messing Up Now That I’m Out of Debt’So you made some money mistakes in your 20s. Here’s how to get back on track.
  4. living with money
    What I Wish I’d Done In My 20s To Have More Money In My 30sPlease make better decisions than I did.
  5. science of us
    How to Cope When Debt Damages Your Mental HealthAdvice on handling the emotional toll of money.
  6. Money Mom
    How Can I Pay Off My Credit-Card Debt?I’m so sick of it following me around.
  7. the millennials
    Employers Are Offering Student-Loan Aid As a BenefitToday in great ideas.
  8. love and money
    Getting Financially Naked With Your PartnerWhy you shouldn’t keep your number a secret.  
  9. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m Homesick But I Can’t Move Home!Every location on the planet has its particular indignities.
  10. mental health
    Scientists Discover Student Loans Are StressfulNew research links the debt with poorer psychological health. 
  11. money
    3 New York Women on What They Really Earn — and SpendDebt, rent, and nights out.
  12. Obama’s Student-Debt Move May Improve Mental Health in the U.S.We still don’t know as much as we should about the link between debt and mental-health issues, but there are some warning signs there.
  13. death and taxes
    16 Women on How They’re Dealing With DebtIn honor of (or in spite of) tax day.