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  1. science of us
    Let’s Take a Look at That Weird Science Moment on The Bachelorette Last NightA contestant had some theories about eye contact, emotions, and brain hemispheres.
  2. Here’s the Real Reason That Male Birth-Control Study Was HaltedStop saying it’s because men can’t handle normal side effects.
  3. 3 Easy Ways to Fall for Less Nonsense OnlineThink before you retweet.
  4. bad science
    No, Brain Waves Can’t Explain PoliticsA CNNMoney segment made it sound like “neural engagement” could explain Donald Trump. Nope.
  5. debunking
    A Tetris-Related Science Reporting Failure, and How It HappenedNo, playing a video game for three minutes won’t reduce your addictive cravings.
  6. debunking
    Paleo Truther Scandal: Carbs Were in the CavesTubers for everyone!
  7. vaccination
    A Better Way to Change the Minds of Anti-Vaccine ParentsA new study takes the old finding that debunking doesn’t work — and adds an important step.
  8. quackery
    The Mystical-Elephants Theory of AutismUm.
  9. debunking
    The Problem With David Perlmutter, the Grain Brain DoctorDr. David Perlmutter’s new book is just the latest in his history of profiting off weird and questionable medical advice.
  10. debunking
    Maybe Don’t Take Placenta Advice From CelebritiesA new study found that it does nothing good for you!
  11. social science
    Will Academia Waste the Michael LaCour Scandal?Social scientists have two choices for how to respond to this scandal. One is easy; the other’s right.
  12. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Probably Fabricated a Document About Research Integrity“It was an early warning sign of bigger issues.”
  13. debunking
    How a Grad Student Uncovered a Huge Fraud“What’s the book? There’s no book for this. What do we do?’”
  14. tanning
    Are ‘Base Tans’ a Good Idea?What you should know before you head into a tanning bed.
  15. debunking
    An Interview With Donald Green, the Co-Author of the Faked Gay-Marriage Study“I’m quite embarrassed by the whole situation, embarrassed to have any role in the situation.”
  16. A Really Important Political Science Study About Gay Marriage Used Faked DataA brewing science scandal.
  17. eating
    Is Late-Night Snacking Really Your Brain’s Fault?Digging deeper into a new study.
  18. debunking
    The Psychological Quirk That Explains Why People Fear Harmless ChemicalsThere’s dihydrogen monoxide in our soda!