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Decision Making

  1. How to Organize Your Information for Better Decision-MakingDo you look at your options one by one, or all at once?
  2. Some Good News for People Who Have a Hard Time Making DecisionsIn some cases, contrary to popular belief, agonizing over your options now may leave you better off down the road.
  3. To Make Better Decisions, Rely on Your Imagination More Than Your WillpowerPicture your life as a chain reaction of related events.
  4. Teenage Brains Have a Totally Different Way of Making DecisionsAnd they’re more okay with not having all the information first.
  5. You Should Visualize Positive and Negative Outcomes More OftenThis stuff has a woo-woo reputation, but it works if you know how to do it.
  6. To Judge a Decision, Ignore the Outcome and Focus on the ProcessHow “outcome bias” screws over hard workers.
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    A New Study Suggests That Sleeping on a Decision Might Not Do MuchThis is a tricky thing to untangle.
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    Humanities Majors Are Loafers, Says Judge-y New StudyEngineers-in-training? Not so much.
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    New Brain Study Shows Why Making Difficult Choices SucksHamburger or cheeseburger? Hamburger or cheeseburger?
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    Work Smarter: Meetings Are 34 Percent Shorter If You’re Standing UpSit-down meetings drag, and all that extra time doesn’t produce better decisions, research shows.