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    What Do We Do With Bravo?The idea that we can keep watching reality shows without thinking has finally soured.
  2. How to Organize Your Information for Better Decision-MakingDo you look at your options one by one, or all at once?
  3. Some Good News for People Who Have a Hard Time Making DecisionsIn some cases, contrary to popular belief, agonizing over your options now may leave you better off down the road.
  4. To Make Better Decisions, Rely on Your Imagination More Than Your WillpowerPicture your life as a chain reaction of related events.
  5. Here’s a Strategy to Help Kids Make Fewer Dumb DecisionsYou can use it on yourself, too.
  6. To Become a Better Problem-Solver, Try Thinking Like a ToddlerYoung kids’ habit of asking “why” on endless loop can be helpful for grown-up problems, too.
  7. note to self
    Sometimes ‘Introspection’ Is You Just Making Stuff UpYou know what you’re thinking and feeling. Knowing why is another matter entirely.
  8. A Strategy for Making Decisions You Won’t RegretLearn how to commit.
  9. decisions
    And Now, a Brief Quiz: Find Out If You’re a ‘Cognitive Miser’It’s about how you make decisions.
  10. decisions
    Jessica Alba Can’t Decide Whether or Not She Works OutIs she relatable or mythical?
  11. Blame Your Sloppy Decisions on the Time of DayYou’ll be neater in the morning.
  12. science of us
    Powerful People Think Differently About Their ThoughtsAnd it leads to indecision.
  13. Judges Give Harsher Sentences When Their Football Team LosesAnd it’s worse for black defendants.
  14. New York’s Top Venture Capitalist Nailed a Research-Backed Secret of Success“Probabilistic” thinking feels weird, but it’s super important.
  15. The Key to Accurately Predicting the Future: Know When to Change Your MindIt gets harder the more you know about a subject.
  16. How Only Being Able to Use Logic to Make Decisions Destroyed a Man’s Life“To obtain the best results, emotions must be kept out.”
  17. Study on Decision-Making Gives You a Great Excuse to Be BossyWe’re better at making choices for other people than we are for ourselves.
  18. People Get Suspicious When the Uber Surge Price Is a Round NumberA super-specific price like 1.9 times the normal rate – that, we feel like can trust. But 2.0x? Sounds made up.
  19. Here Is a Good Reason to Avoid Speaking to Humans When Ordering FoodSeamless forever.
  20. tough choices
    U.S. Treasury: It’s Too Hard to Choose a Woman for the $10 BillThere are just too many woman to decide.
  21. decisions
    Are We Overtreating Stage 0 Breast Cancer?A new study suggests that aggressively fighting it doesn’t improve survival rates for most women.
  22. happiness
    ‘Good Enough’ Is a Smarter Decision StrategySome helpful advice from Gretchen Rubin’s new podcast.
  23. decisions
    To Make Better Decisions, Pretend You’re Deciding for Someone ElseYou are not super great at giving yourself advice, it turns out. 
  24. decisions
    Magician-Scientist Kind of Reveals Card-Trick SecretHe’s studying decision-making … and magic. 
  25. decisions
    4 Steps to Making an Overwhelming Decision EasyTreat it like a tournament. 
  26. decisions
    Put the Boring Things in Life on AutopilotRoutine can free up your brainpower for the more exciting stuff. 
  27. productivity
    Too Much ‘Happy Talk’ at Work Can Lead to Bad DecisionsBe the skeptical jerk when you need to be.
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    Humanities Majors Are Loafers, Says Judge-y New StudyEngineers-in-training? Not so much.
  29. Make Your Important Decisions on an Empty StomachLiterally tapping into your gut feelings.
  30. Why You Should Let Your Friends Order Your FoodDelegate (some) decisions for a happier life.  
  31. Awareness Is OverratedIt feels really good to raise awareness — it just doesn’t accomplish all that much.
  32. How You Selectively Misremember What You AteOur brains just really love unhealthy food.
  33. decisions
    What a Woman’s Choice Means to the Supreme Court and Social ConservativesFor women, sex is apparently just an option — an inessential luxury.
  34. Want to Make Better Choices? Contrive a ‘Fresh Start’ Out of Thin AirThere may be some actual wisdom to “the diet starts tomorrow.”
  35. 5 Expert-Approved Ways to Make Smarter DecisionsOne of them involves (mental) time travel.
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    Egg Freezing and the Empowerment ParadoxThe message of expensive fertility fixes? You’re in control, so you’re to blame if things don’t work out
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    Moving for Love: The Modern Relationship MilestoneOf all the big life choices that come before kids, it’s the one that crops up most frequently with the least historical precedent.
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    Kim Kardashian Will Take Kanye’s NamePlease call her Kim Kardashian West.