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  1. goals
    Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Save the Word ‘Squad’Bonus: an appearance by Amy Schumer with nunchucks.
  2. definitions
    Someone Please Define POC to This Real HousewifeIt definitely doesn’t mean “Pop of Color.”
  3. everyday slut shaming
    Can We Please Use the Word Slut Correctly? Larry Wilmore calls for better grammar when slut-shaming.
  4. basic bitches
    The ‘Basic Bitch’: Who Is She?The Basic Bitch has long been an ambiguous figure, and only recently has a clear definition of the Basic Bitch seemed to crystallize in the popular imagination.
  5. feminists
    Katy Perry, Now a Feminist, Defines the Term FancifullyThe human dictionary speaks again. 
  6. definitions
    I’m Not a Spinster Aunt, I’m a PANKThat’s Professional Aunt, No Kids — and we’re the latest target for holiday marketing.
  7. words
    Kelly Clarkson, You Probably Are a FeministClarkson announces feminist is “too strong” of a descriptor for her.
  8. hipsters
    Tom Wolfe Has Got Your Hipster Etymology Right HereIt’s adorable, actually.