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  1. delusions
    Well, This Is Certainly Positive ThinkingA Capitol rioter plans to spend her prison time detoxing and drinking protein shakes.
  2. delusions
    Roy Moore Begs for Money to Fight His Victim’s LawsuitHe attempts to win over donors by citing his anti-women and anti-LGBTQ stances.
  3. delusions
    This Guy Made a Terrible Website to Try to Convince You to Date HimLet us journey through ShouldYouDateNate.com.
  4. An Odd Disorder Convinced This Man That All Strangers Were His Crush in DisguisePeople with Fregoli syndrome believe that new faces are familiar ones playing a trick.
  5. delusions
    Trump Thinks He’s Doing Better With Female Voters Than With Male VotersIf that’s the case, then he’s not doing very well with either of them.
  6. Psychiatry in the Age of Justifiable ParanoiaHow do you talk to a delusional person who isn’t totally wrong to be paranoid?