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  1. grief
    For Better and for WorseWhen my husband was finally diagnosed with dementia, I vowed to take care of him. Then he filed for divorce.
  2. health
    Bruce Willis Has Been Diagnosed With Frontotemporal DementiaHis family shared an update on the actor’s condition.
  3. swellness
    Are Mushrooms the Best Brain Food?The Cut spoke with an expert about fungi’s surprising cognitive benefits.
  4. living with
    My Life Watching My Own Dementia Set InI notice how many more words I forget, and the speed at which I’m forgetting them.
  5. Here’s More Evidence Your Diet Coke Addiction Isn’t Good for YouA new study linked diet soda to stroke and dementia.
  6. neuroscience
    To Understand a Brain’s Age, Focus on More Than NeuronsGet to know your glia.
  7. mothers and daughters
    My Mother’s Dementia Helped Me Finally Hear Her StoriesIf we don’t remember our lives, our days, who are we?
  8. dementia
    Should Alzheimer’s Patients Be Allowed to Have Sex?“Everybody is talking about the gays and the lesbians and how they’re changing the morals in America. I think actually a more profound kind of rebellion against traditional values is happening in the Alzheimer’s community.”
  9. psychology
    This Is Apparently the World’s Catchiest SongSeems about right. 
  10. tech
    A Teenager’s Invention for Alzheimer’s PatientsMaybe young people today are all right after all.
  11. Your Misanthropy Is Only Hurting YouCynics are more likely to develop dementia, according to one new study.