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  1. music
    Why Is Everyone Dumping Scooter Braun?The rumor mill is abuzz as artists break up with Taylor Swift’s nemesis.
  2. celebrity
    Demi Lovato Alleges ‘Brainwashing’ by Former Management“[I was] totally under the impression that if I don’t listen to this person … I’m going to lose everything.”
  3. demi lovato
    Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Gender Identity“I’m such a fluid person,” the singer said, explaining that she’s now using she/her pronouns.
  4. sobriety
    Demi Lovato Says Good-bye to ‘California Sober’“Sober sober is the only way to be,” Lovato announced in an Instagram Story.
  5. huh!
    Does Demi Lovato Believe in Lizard People?Say hello to the newest ambassador for Gaia, the yoga streaming platform — and QAnon hangout?
  6. aliens
    Why Is Neil deGrasse Tyson Beefing With Demi Lovato?I’ll give you a hint: It has to do with whether or not aliens have feelings.
  7. celebrity
    Demi Lovato Comes Out As Nonbinary“Today is a day I’m so happy to share more of my life with you all.”
  8. hairy situations
    Now That’s What I Call a Post-Breakup Haircut!Demi Lovato has a whole new hair color, too.
  9. huh!
    So Demi Lovato Has Been Talking to AliensAt least according to her latest Instagram post.
  10. celebrity splits
    Are Demi Lovato and Her Quar Fiancé Broken Up or What?Following reports that the couple called off their engagement, the story has become increasingly messy.
  11. celebrity
    Demi Lovato Got Engaged to Her Quarantine BoyfriendThe singer has been dating Max Ehrich for just four months but that’s not slowing down true love.
  12. the bachelorette
    This Season’s Hottest Accessory Is a Bachelorette ContestantDemi Lovato and season 15’s Mike Johnson are reportedly “getting to know each other.”
  13. rock the vote
    Demi Lovato Is ‘Grateful’ to Be Home From Rehab and VotingThere’s our gal!
  14. recovery
    Demi Lovato Is Out of RehabShe was seen looking “happy and healthy” in Beverly Hills on Saturday.
  15. recovery
    Demi Lovato’s Mother Says She is 90 Days SoberShe has been in rehab since July, after an overdose.
  16. celebrity
    Demi Lovato Will Reportedly Be in Rehab for Several MonthsShe is receiving “extensive” treatment following her reported drug overdose.
  17. met gala 2018
    The Best Celebrity Drama From the Met Gala Throughout the YearsWhat will 2018 have in store for us?
  18. you know what i heard
    Everything We Know About Kylie Jenner’s New BabyAnd more pressing questions in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  19. one step at a time
    Demi Lovato Marks Five Years of Sobriety“It’s been quite the journey.”
  20. wellness theories
    Demi Lovato on Boxing, Eating Well, and Speaking Up About Mental HealthAnd why she felt a responsibility to open up about her struggles.
  21. ideal gossip couples
    John Mayer and Demi Lovato Are Perfect for Each OtherImagine these two standing together against the world, and more specifically, Taylor Swift.
  22. Imagine for a Minute If Demi Lovato and John Mayer Were an ItemThe two were spotted around town together in Los Angeles.
  23. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Thinks Demi Lovato Is Just JealousTaylor Swift reacts to Demi Lovato’s comments about her “squad.”
  24. Awkward
    Demi Lovato Survived Your Nightmare: Getting Stuck in an Elevator With Her ExHow brave.
  25. all the details!
    Everything We Know About Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama’s Dinner DateThey’re reportedly back together again, and we have a lot of details.
  26. snapchats are forever
    Demi Lovato Is Sorry for Laughing About Zika on SnapchatProbs not the best move.
  27. mental health
    Demi Lovato Spoke at the DNC About Her Struggle With Mental Illness “I am living with mental illness. But I am lucky.”
  28. Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas Honor Pulse Club VictimsThe touring duo paid a special tribute during their concert to the victims of the Orlando shooting.
  29. fame
    Let Demi Lovato Be an Example of Why You Should Stay in Your LaneThe singer is taking a break from social media after her unsolicited opinion on a Mariah Carey meme angered fans.
  30. ok!
    Former Barney Kid Demi Lovato Thought Barney Was HotHe was “jacked,” she says.
  31. celebrity relationships
    The Hex Joe Jonas Cast on His Exes Is Finally WorkingTaylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato all had breakups last week.
  32. another summer of breakups?
    Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Break UpAs per one overwrought IG user, “IM TRIPPIN WTFWTFWTFW.”
  33. Demi Lovato Returned Her New Cat After One DayShe was allergic.
  34. feminists vs. feminists
    So You’re a Celebrity Who Calls Yourself a Feminist. Now What?Different ways of “standing up” for Kesha show the limits of celebrity brands.
  35. Demi Lovato Wants Women to Help Other Women Out [Updated]And maybe subtweets Taylor Swift?
  36. party pics
    See All the Celebs at Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall PartyCandid photos of Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katy Perry partying at an L.A. record store.
  37. party pics
    Marc Jacobs and Ashley Olsen Partied This WeekAlong with Cara Delevingne, Solange, Sofia Coppola, and Lupita Nyong’o. 
  38. look of the day
    See Demi Lovato’s Interpretation of a Trap QueenLooking very regal indeed. 
  39. party pics
    Chanel Iman and Laverne Cox Partied This WeekAlong with Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Mischa Barton, and more. 
  40. famous boobs
    Everyone Is Showing the Centers of Their BrasDemi Lovato in Cosmo, Rihanna on the street.
  41. air celebrity
    Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow: Airplane Twinsies!Paltrow commemorated the coincidence.
  42. demi daze
    Demi Lovato’s X Factor Beauty TransformationFrom My Little Pony hair to a Jackie O. beehive, with a rainbow of eye shadow to match.
  43. birds of a feather
    Demi Lovato and Her New, Very Creative Bird TattoosPlus, fifteen other celebrities who had the exact same idea.
  44. forced confessions
    Katie Couric and Demi Lovato Bond Over BulimiaKatie’s couch is emerging as the top spot for stars to explain their food issues. 
  45. fashion yearbook
    Slideshow: The Best and Worst of the Teen Choice Awards Red CarpetLots of hot pink, sparkles, and platform shoes. Surprise!
  46. people’s choice awards
    People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet FashionAward show season is off to a tacky yet refreshingly daring start.
  47. beauty marks
    Kate Middleton Voted Beauty Icon of 2011; Maybelline’s 2012 Calendar Is Out Plus,  Frida Gustavsson stars in Anna Sui’s makeup ads for a fourth time.
  48. beauty marks
    Charlotte Ronson Doesn’t Like Blowouts; Shakira Cut Her Hair ShortPlus, WWD gave out its 2011 Beauty Inc Awards.
  49. beauty marks
    JWOWW Launches a Fragrance; Dior Creates an Eye Shadow Palette for Art BaselPlus, Lindsey Wixson has a french braid on the cover of Muse magazine.
  50. body issues
    Miley Cyrus Suggests People Not Ruin Other Girls’ Self-Esteem by Calling Her FatShe tweeted a photo of Marilyn Monroe that read, “Proof that you can be adored by thousands of men even when your thighs touch.”
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