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    Joe Biden Says He Will Pick a Woman As Vice-PresidentBernie Sanders said it would be his “very strong tendency” to do the same.
  2. so you want to be president
    How to Talk to Your Boomers About BloombergA helpful guide.
  3. democratic debates
    Elizabeth Warren Goes in on Michael Bloomberg“Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.”
  4. politics
    Here’s What Sanders and Warren Said in That Tense Post-Debate Exchange“I think you called me a liar on national TV.”
  5. politics
    Mysteries We Contemplated During the Democratic DebateAmy Klobuchar’s eyebrows, whatever happened with Sanders and Warren afterward … and is Mike Bloomberg okay?
  6. democratic debates
    ‘Of Course a Woman Can Be President’The Warren–Sanders conflict came to the debates.
  7. gaffe report
    Biden’s Debate Performances Raise the Question: What???A thoroughly painful tour through Biden’s most bizarre remarks.
  8. so you want to be president?
    Biden Gives Wildly Tone-Deaf Answer on Domestic ViolenceHe said he wants to “keep punching, and punching, and punching” the issue.
  9. politics
    Democratic Candidates Have Promised to Codify Roe v. Wade. What Does That Mean?Unpacking the promise made by numerous Democratic candidates at last night’s debate.
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    The Least Boring Moments From the Democratic DebatesThe candidates still managed to surprise us … sort of.
  11. psa
    ‘Pro-Life’ Texas Representative Threatens Beto O’Rourke With an AR-15Briscoe Cain, who has spoken at length about his respect for the “sanctity of life,” was reported to the FBI over the violent tweet.
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    Joe Biden Sounded Like a Very Broken Record at the DebateThursday night saw some of his most incomprehensible answers yet, including a long aside about addressing systemic racism with record players.
  13. aoc
    Why on Earth Did an Ad Showing AOC’s Face Burning Air During the Debate?ABC is being criticized for allowing the Republican PAC ad to run.
  14. democratic debates
    Who Does Michael Bennet Sound Like?Perhaps Mr. Mackey from South Park, or even John C. Reilly.
  15. classic joe
    Biden Kicks Off the Debates With Some Good Old CondescensionHe called Kamala Harris “kid” on stage.
  16. tim ryan (??)
    Please Stop Yelling at This Man, Whoever He May BeHe doesn’t like it. :(
  17. 2020
    We Found Two Whole Women Who’d Qualify for Kamala Harris’s Student Debt PlanThe proposed policy attracted ridicule for how narrow its parameters are.
  18. democratic debates
    Marianne Williamson Says Reparations Are ‘a Debt That Is Owed’The spiritual guru is a controversial candidate, but her full-throated support of reparations on the Democratic debate stage was welcome to many.
  19. too many cooks
    The Democratic Debate Was Worse Than a House Meeting at a Poly CommuneAs a former resident of a clothing-optional cooperative, I was triggered.
  20. 2020 elections
    John Hickenlooper (?) Posts Thirst Trap Before DebateAn ego boost? Or a last ditch effort to be recognized onstage?
  21. 2020 elections
    Stop Running for President and Enjoy SummerDrop out now and go to the beach, why not.
  22. reading the signs
    Le Streak, C’est ChicThe high-contrast drama of Tulsi Gabbard’s signature hairstyle.