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Democratic National Convention

  1. apps
    The Beautiful Enigma of the Calamari ManA look at the break-out star of the DNC, night two.
  2. ya burnt
    Mother of Muslim American War Hero Pens Emotional Op-Ed Criticizing Trump“Without saying a thing, all the world, all America, felt my pain.”
  3. See the Many Different Faces of the Democratic National ConventionFrom Bernie bros to Hillary superfans.
  4. mothers and daughters
    How Hillary Clinton Appealed to Anyone Who’s Ever Had a MomSome of last night’s best moments were about Clinton’s mother and daughter.
  5. politics
    Hillary and Bill Clinton See Balloons, Respond With Childlike GleeHey, guys — have you ever seen balloons before? Guys?
  6. Cecile Richards Was the First DNC Speaker to Say the Word ‘Abortion’Three whole times.
  7. What It Was Like to See Hillary Clinton Make HistoryIn 2016, she’s the first woman to become a major-party nominee for president.
  8. an all-white affair
    Hillary Clinton’s White Suit Hit the Right Historical Notes on a Historic DayDressed in an all-white ensemble, Clinton may have been giving a nod to women in the suffrage movement.
  9. love and war
    Lessons in Winning From Fergie at the DNCShe made like Hillary and willed a bad night into a good, good one.
  10. reproductive rights
    Ashley Judd’s Moving DNC Speech on Abortion“I am a survivor of sexual assault, including rape, and about that I have no shame.”
  11. Did Tim Kaine Remind You of Anyone Last Night?Hillary Clinton’s VP pick is the dad America needs.
  12. glass ceilings
    Hillary Clinton Has a Message for Young GirlsIt’s history in the making, after all.
  13. democratic national convention
    Clinton Is First Man to Give First Lady SpeechTaking a cue from Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton signaled that he’s ready for the role of the brilliant and hugely overqualified presidential helpmate.
  14. A Guy Proposed to a Girl Onstage at the DNC and She Still Said YesWhatever works.
  15. visual history
    A Look Back at Political-Convention Style Through the YearsWhether you’re on the winning or the losing side, you dress for success.
  16. campaign 2016
    Rosario Dawson Is Ready to Get Arrested at the Democratic National Convention“I’m about the issues and the people.”
  17. mobama watch
    In Appreciation of the Obama Ladies’ DNC OutfitsThe first lady wore a dress by up-and-comer Laura Smalls.
  18. first ladies
    Michelle Obama Wants Four More Years As ‘Mom-in-Chief’An impassioned speech with an implicit critique.
  19. scheduling conflicts
    Obama to Speak During FNO: What Will Wintour Do?A coincidence that affects exactly one person.
  20. party lines
    Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain Looks ‘Like She’s Duct-Taped’He says he’d feel comfortable approaching Michelle, but “with Cindy you have to be careful you’re not speared!”
  21. run through
    Guess Who Michelle Obama’s Wearing at the DNC Tonight?Maria Pinto, that’s who! That is, if she doesn’t change her mind.
  22. run through
    The Democratic National Convention Could Be Like Fashion Week!Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington are attending, Kanye West is performing, and the lounge has yoga.
  23. cult of personality
    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Knows His BoundariesJohnny Wright will style Michelle Obama’s hair at the Democratic National Convention, but is America ready for how hot he might make her?