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  1. beauty for one
    Now’s the Time to Try Natural DeodorantWhat’s the worst that could happen? Your roommate asks you to take a shower?
  2. we tried this
    5 Women Try Justin Bieber’s Natural DeodorantIs it too late now to say sorry?
  3. natural beauty
    Lemons Have Replaced My DeodorantYou are a nature goddess, and your armpits smell great.
  4. sure why not
    Justin Bieber Is Making DeodorantAll-natural, vegan, and emotionally present deodorant for your pits.
  5. scent memories
    Dr. Jane Goodall Loves the Smell of SkunkThe renowned conservationist loves the smell of flowers, too.
  6. we tried this
    Six Women Test a Wildly Hyped Natural DeodorantTrying out Megababe’s Rosy Pits.
  7. wellness theories
    Olivia Culpo on Meditating, Oil Pulling, and Tea Tree OilHer favorite sheet mask.
  8. lab rat
    Is This the Best Natural Deodorant?A bamboo-charcoal deodorant promises to purge your body of odors.
  9. the strategist
    The Best Deodorant According to Professional SweatersTo tackle the summer sweats, we tracked down professional perspirers who revealed their go-to deodorants.
  10. wellness theories
    Ballerina Isabella Boylston on Putting Pressure on Herself and Dining Solo“We all love what we do and take it really seriously. You judge yourself pretty harshly.”
  11. advice
    Help Me Become the Least-Smelly Person AroundWhat to do if you’re suffering from deodorant paranoia.
  12. advice
    How to Not Look Like You’re Drenched in SweatThe Cut editors share tips for avoiding swamp-ass in our latest advice video.
  13. hairy armpits
    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Pit Hair Know before you grow.
  14. armpits
    Dove Wants to Empower the Armpit Deodorant will set us free.
  15. tough cookies
    The NBA Smells Like Almond Cookies and Women’s Beauty ProductsTheir sweat is cookie-scented.
  16. the pits
    Anonymous Deodorant Packages Are a Truly Brilliant IdeaThe world smells better, and no one gets hurt!