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  1. sustainability
    The Ultimate Reseller and Consumer Guide to Thrifting Ethically7 steps on how to thrift mindfully.
  2. shopping
    The New Era of Celebrity MerchHow Depop is making it easier to get your hands on celebrities’ secondhand clothes.
  3. 5 questions with…
    Only Charli XCX Could Get Brooklyn Gays to MidtownAfter, the pop star dished on her Crash tour costume changes and new Depop shop.
  4. depoptimism
    Etsy Buys Depop, Gen Z’s Favorite Resale App, for $1.6 BillionOnce Gen Z Depops, they can’t stop.
  5. style
    Depop and the Black in Fashion Council Are Shaking Up the Virtual ClassroomThrough the month of February, they’re educating, empowering, and celebrating Black creators.
  6. fall fashion
    The App That Has Gen Z Hooked on ThriftingIf eBay is a bazaar and Instagram is a beauty pageant, Depop is both.
  7. best bets
    Longchamp’s New Flagship, Depop Goes Brick-and-Mortar, and Goat Yoga in BushwickWhat’s new in New York stores.