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  1. carnivore diet
    For $90 a Session, Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Will Advise You to Eat Only BeefSounds reasonable!
  2. science of us
    Young Pregnant Women May Be More Likely to Get Depression Than Their MothersBut it’s complicated.
  3. original video
    What It’s Like: My 30-Year Struggle With AntidepressantsLauren Slater, journalist and author, has suffered from depression most of her life. But her antidepressants are slowly poisoning her body.
  4. science of us
    What’s a Panic Attack and How Do I Stop It?An expert gives some basic tips for managing anxiety.
  5. science of us
    What It’s Like to Know You’ll Be on Antidepressants for LifeThe assumption that medication is meant to be used on a short-term basis is potentially harmful.
  6. science of us
    The Science of How Your Diet Affects Your Mental HealthThe emerging field of “nutritional psychiatry” is exploring how the food you eat can affect your risk of depression.
  7. science of us
    The Strange Allure of Online Mental-Health Quizzes“As human beings, we are always seeking validation from some other outside source.”
  8. science of us
    Thinking Beyond the ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory of DepressionThe truth is more complicated than many people realize.
  9. science of us
    9 Women on Their Experiences With AntidepressantsThe pros (more motivation!), the cons (fewer orgasms!), and the biggest misconceptions.
  10. science of us
    Learning Your Genetic Information Can Change the Way You See YourselfIt’s not unusual to mistake genetics for fate.
  11. When Drug Side Effects Make You Rethink What It Means to Have a ‘Good Life’For people on antidepressants, side effects like sexual dysfunction and rapid weight gain can become issues that require treatment of their own.
  12. Eating Too Much Sugar Makes Men Depressed, Poor ThingsConsuming high levels of added sugar makes men more likely to be depressed.
  13. drugstore doctor
    Will Chamomile Help Ease My Anxiety?Two experts explain chamomile’s benefits.
  14. CBD Oil Actually Helped With My AnxietyThere’s no magic bullet for anxiety, but CBD is pretty good.
  15. Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Is Safer Than Previously ThoughtA new study found taking antidepressants when pregnant has fewer risks than previously thought.
  16. Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Is Safer Than Previously ThoughtA new study found taking antidepressants when pregnant has fewer risks than previously thought.
  17. Goop Thinks Walking Around Barefoot Will Cure Your Depression and InsomniaWho needs shoes or therapy?
  18. Depression Is Now the Leading Cause of Illness and Disability WorldwideThe WHO says depression rates rose 18 percent in a decade.
  19. hallucinogens
    The Research on Ketamine As an Antidepressant Looks Quite ExcitingThe psychiatric establishment has begun to embrace the hallucinogen as a vital tool in the fight against treatment-resistant depression.
  20. Selena Gomez Speaks Out About TherapyThe singer revealed she has been seeing a therapist five days a week since leaving a Tennessee psychiatric facility.
  21. How Depression Has — and Hasn’t — Become NormalizedStigma is softening, at least a little.
  22. neuroscience
    Brain Scans Reveal 4 ‘Biotypes’ of DepressionFiguring out the neural machinery that underlies the condition.
  23. Psychologists Think They Found the Purpose of DepressionIt can pull you out of the hustle of daily life — and into meaning-making.
  24. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Quit Grad School?Not just yet.
  25. advice
    Ask Polly: I Moved Back Home and I’m Miserable!Your mom is not going to save you.
  26. Here’s Why Comparing Yourself to Your Facebook Friends Can Make You DepressedFacebook-stalking can be bad for your mental health.
  27. Why It’s So Hard to Predict SuicideA new meta-analysis shows that suicide researchers have a long way to go – and that suicide is a really complicated phenomenon.
  28. It’s Time for Cautious Excitement About Ayahuasca As a Treatment For DepressionRegular use does not seem “to induce the pattern of addiction-related problems that characterize drugs of abuse.”
  29. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid CureDepressed? Try dropping some acid. After a 50-year research hiatus, new clinical studies are pointing the way toward LSD’s redemption.
  30. let's move
    Science Says Exercise Helps Treat and Prevent DepressionIf you feel terrible, try sweating.
  31. depression
    Depression Is on the Upswing for Young PeopleThis appears to be part of a century-long trend of increasing anxiety and depression for the young.
  32. fitness
    Cardio Protects You From Depression, Says Million-Person StudyKeep running, everybody.
  33. explainers
    Why Did the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  34. Selena Gomez Is Reportedly in Rehab for Depression and AnxietyShe’s taking a year off to focus on her mental health.
  35. perfect 10
    Trying to Be Too Perfect Can Make You DepressedRebecca Bunch’s struggle is real.
  36. Why Does the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  37. escapism
    Alcohol Will Make You Happier Instantly, As You Probably Know From ExperienceScientists say alcohol has the same effect as a rapid antidepressant.
  38. Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  39. mental health
    Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  40. Depression Is Tougher to Shake If You’re the BossThe higher up the corporate ladder you go, the less often antidepressants and therapy actually work.
  41. depression
    David Foster Wallace Wrote the Best and Worst Thing About DepressionIt’s really, really hard to read, but it’s also worth it.
  42. Most People With Depression Are Not Being Treated for ItAccording to a big new study.
  43. Selena Gomez Is Taking Time Off to Deal With Depression and AnxietyThe singer is taking a year off to take care of herself.
  44. unwifeable
    I Learned the Hard Way That Marriage Can’t Cure DepressionI thought my partnership could magically fix my mental health.
  45. Mental Illness Is More Than Just Depression and AnxietyIt’s time to find a way to talk about psychosis.
  46. Exercising in Nature May Hold Unique Benefits for the DepressedGo outside! (But maybe wait until we’ve found our way out of this heat-dome thing.)
  47. Just As You May Have Suspected, FOMO Is Pretty Much Social Media’s FaultAnd it affects young men more than any other demographic.
  48. Antidepressants May Not Be As Effective As We ThinkThere’s a lot of data still under the radar.
  49. 135 Couples Told Scientists How Depression Affects Their RelationshipsThe good and the bad.
  50. mental health
    Kristen Bell Writes Essay on Her Depression “There is such an extreme stigma about mental health issues, and I can’t make heads or tails of why it exists.”
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