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  1. perfect 10
    Trying to Be Too Perfect Can Make You DepressedRebecca Bunch’s struggle is real.
  2. escapism
    Alcohol Will Make You Happier Instantly, As You Probably Know From ExperienceScientists say alcohol has the same effect as a rapid antidepressant.
  3. mental health
    Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  4. Depression Is Tougher to Shake If You’re the BossThe higher up the corporate ladder you go, the less often antidepressants and therapy actually work.
  5. depression
    David Foster Wallace Wrote the Best and Worst Thing About DepressionIt’s really, really hard to read, but it’s also worth it.
  6. Most People With Depression Are Not Being Treated for ItAccording to a big new study.
  7. Selena Gomez Is Taking Time Off to Deal With Depression and AnxietyThe singer is taking a year off to take care of herself.
  8. unwifeable
    I Learned the Hard Way That Marriage Can’t Cure DepressionI thought my partnership could magically fix my mental health.
  9. Mental Illness Is More Than Just Depression and AnxietyIt’s time to find a way to talk about psychosis.
  10. health
    Exercising in Nature May Hold Unique Benefits for the DepressedGo outside! (But maybe wait until we’ve found our way out of this heat-dome thing.)
  11. Just As You May Have Suspected, FOMO Is Pretty Much Social Media’s FaultAnd it affects young men more than any other demographic.
  12. Antidepressants May Not Be As Effective As We ThinkThere’s a lot of data still under the radar.
  13. 135 Couples Told Scientists How Depression Affects Their RelationshipsThe good and the bad.
  14. mental health awareness
    Twitter Users Share What #MyDepressionLooksLike to Raise Mental Health AwarenessIt’s not always what you’d assume.
  15. shrooms
    Study Suggests Psychedelic Mushrooms Might Help Severe DepressionBut don’t get too excited just yet.
  16. unwifeable
    Your Partner Can’t Be Your Only Source of LoveHow I learned to find other sources of fuel for my “love tank.”
  17. Kristen Bell Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression“I shatter a little bit when I think people don’t like me”
  18. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Should I Keep Going?Stop trying to escape where you are.  
  19. mental health
    Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Her Depression“I do not blame the fashion industry for anything.”
  20. Please Read This Essay a Woman Wrote for Her Sister, Who Died by Suicide“The lies of depression can exist only in isolation.”
  21. How Running and Meditation Change the Brains of the DepressedNew research that acts on an intriguing theory of the neurology of the mental illness.
  22. stigma
    Attacking Heidi Cruz for Her Depression Is a Disgraceful MoveIt does very real harm to those trying to overcome the stigma of mental illness.
  23. it’s all your fault
    Your Depression and Anxiety Might Make Your Kid a Picky EaterBut don’t get anxious about it!
  24. mental health
    For 80 Years, Young Americans Have Been Getting More Anxious and DepressedAnd no one is quite sure why.
  25. You Call It Burnout. These Scientists Might Call It Depression.A new study argues that burnout and depression might sometimes be one and the same.
  26. What It’s Like to Have Your Severe Depression Treated With a Hallucinogenic Drug“It’s like you’re watching your own brain.”
  27. Kids With a Depressed Parent Perform Worse in SchoolA big new study of Swedes suggests depression can have intergenerational effects.
  28. weather
    Why Your Brain Actually Works Better in WinterDebunking the myth of the winter blues.
  29. things that are misleading
    Sorry, Moms Aren’t the Only People Who Should Get Depression ScreeningsHeadlines about postpartum depression are missing the forest for the trees.
  30. mood lighting
    Can a SAD Lamp Really Make You Happy?Read this before you bask in the artificial light.
  31. advice
    Ask Polly: Am I Too Anxious to Ever Find Love?Accept that you can’t control everything.
  32. depression
    Doctors Think Teenagers Should Be Screened Annually for DepressionYoung adults, too. 
  33. neuroscience
    Can Brain Scans Predict Who Therapy Will Help?A new neuroscience study points the way to individually tailored mental-health treatments.
  34. public health
    How Researchers Will Figure Out Why So Many Middle-aged White People Are DyingIt’s going to be very, very complicated.
  35. advice
    Ask Polly: Am I Too Smart for My Own Good?Stop thinking of yourself as cursed.
  36. depression
    The Problem of How to Be Depressed Online“Forgetting means that when you leave depression, it immediately becomes clouded-over and hard to see.”
  37. the teens
    Paxil May Put Teens at Greater Risk for SuicideA new analysis finds “mischief” in an older study on the antidepressant.  
  38. workplace psychology
    Middle Management: The Worst of Both WorldsIt’s tough to wrangle your underlings and keep your own boss happy at the same time.
  39. book excerpt
    Growing Up Black and Female Meant Depression Was ForbiddenWe were not to be depressed or unduly high-strung; we were not to have nervous collapses. We were too strong for that.
  40. self presentation
    7 College Students Talk About Their Instagrams and the Pressure to Seem HappyTheir Instagram posts were often attempts to mask their anxiety and depression.
  41. jazz hands
    Brandy on Broadway and Learning to Love Yourself“I was depressed for a little bit — actually, for a while.”
  42. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Doesn’t Anything Feel Fun?You’ve powered down your feelings.
  43. advice
    Ask Polly: Help, I Feel Like I’m Drowning!The challenge here is to show yourself how strong you are.
  44. time
    Time Seems to Pass More Slowly for Depressed PeopleTime is weird. 
  45. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Hating Myself?Stop online dating, for one thing.
  46. mental health
    If You Feel Burned Out, You Should Maybe Get Screened for DepressionIn a study of schoolteachers, there was huge overlap.
  47. depression
    Sitting All Day Is Also Ruining Your Mental HealthHappy Friday. 
  48. depression
    A Fascinating New Documentary About Sex and Suicide HotlinesSometimes you just need someone to talk to.
  49. What an Ebola Quarantine Would Do to Your PsycheWhat’s best for public health may not be great for the individual’s mental health. 
  50. pharmaceuticals
    How Prozac Conquered AmericaAlmost two decades after this “wonder drug” was released, we’re still arguing about it.
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