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Derek Zoolander

  1. Hansel and Zoolander Talk Politics (and Fashion) on SNLThey love Trump’s signature looks.
  2. Zoolander Lands Another High-Fashion CoverBen Stiller’s Blue Steel is now gracing the cover of V Man.
  3. really really ridiculously good-looking people
    Struggling Male Model Derek Zoolander Finally Landed That Vogue CoverIs that Blue Steel or Le Tigre?
  4. Tyra Banks Smizes Through Richard Branson’s FaceThat’s quite the Halloween costume.
  5. when gaga acts
    Lady Gaga Reportedly Offered a Role in the Zoolander SequelSpoiler alert.
  6. model tracker
    Derek Zoolander Introduces ‘2013 End of Syphilisation’ Calendar“2012 was the last year on the Maya Rudolph’s calendar.”
  7. zoolander did it first
    Mermaids Are Having a MomentSo long, vampires.