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  1. woof
    This Innocent Model Walked Down the Runway Wearing the Hoe FilterLooks like Snapchat will still be hot in spring ‘17.
  2. the cut portfolio
    Seen at Fashion Week: Gold Manicures and Purple KneesocksPlus: floral Prada clogs, dogs, and Kesha.
  3. retail heros
    Meet the Secret Billionaire Behind Desigual’s Undie-Party FortuneAll the trappings of a billionaire playboy, none of the prominence.
  4. loose threads
    Aretha’s Wedding Dress; Jacobs Vacations With ZoePlus, Heather Marks looks a little mousy on the new cover of French Elle.
  5. you can’t make this up
    Video: Hundreds of Shoppers Line Up in Their Underwear for a Chance at Two Free Pieces of Very Bright ClothingSome got there at 4 a.m.
  6. not demeaning at all
    Line Up at Desigual in Your Underwear at the Crack of Dawn and They Might Reward You With a Free OutfitIf you pass the qualifying round, that is.